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  1. awesome Germans !

    ich will aufn festival und einfach saufen, hilfe noch so lang bis ende juni hm nein, ich meinte wieder.
  2. EL 170 Pre RC

    Great R.C. works fine here.
  3. Fitness/Bodybuilding

    Nice, havent seen this topic here well when i dont have too much to work ill spend 4 times a 2 hours every week in the gym. Just relaxing if you ask me. 120kg at 6 reps O.o ... for this i need years i guess hehehe
  4. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    \m/ h8 song, Infernal War owns especially their demo.
  5. Best PK music?

    Well you can try this stuff, while pking, mad and crazy. Angelcorpse Revenge (Can) those guys are crazy on live shows, sometimes i thought we 're at war, but funny like hell. especially with too much beer. if you need some stronger/more violent stuff search some grindcore artists, ill bet youll having nice pk events. (dont click too fast )
  6. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Watched them now live, was fucking insane \o/ Barbatos - censored title (sorry cant write them down, to save the kids from the adult world hehe) Link: Festung Open Air 2008 - Bitterfeld for all the ones who enjoy old school thrash metal.
  7. awesome Germans !

    Büchsenfleisch. hm lecker ;p ich hätte aber gerne no ein bier dazu
  8. awesome Germans !

  9. awesome Germans !

    immer doch klaus
  10. New Break Rate

    Well i broke alot of stuff in the last days, but i dont care about coz i dont need high quality stuff to train etc, btw im just at cycs with aug armor only (no nmt,but sceptic).... funny nice mag exp. Its always good when you can create the stuff for training for yourself, so there arent problems with going out of resources etc etc. Keep the break rate high radu, that we could see much more of such posts here Goatmoon
  11. awesome Germans !

    *plong* da iss wohl etwas abgestürtzt .... tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee O.o
  12. P2P renewal

    Hi Ent, could you please check the status about Goatmoon. Did a lifetime upgrade for this char (formerly known as nhmrath), but as i said did a namechange too. thx for the infos cheers, nhm
  13. Pre RC 11

    Works fine so far great work as always ent
  14. awesome Germans !

    ...sieh zu, dass du mal wieder reinschaust...mooni super, jetze bin ich immer mal wieder da, und du ned... mach des herkommsch^^
  15. awesome Germans !

    WINNI !!!! auch da, ja wenn ich nur nich zu faul wäre EL zu starten würd ich mal wieder vorbeiguggen. Was treibt unsere "idle" Horde eigentlich? Den Rest denn schon verhauen. Gruss, Nhm bzw. Moony wie Winni immer sagt.
  16. awesome Germans !

    Tuerlich.. wasn mit dir? hm jo wenn ich das wüsste ich mach grad den 2wochen und eventuell mehr Break wies mir mal Marr vorgeschlagen hat. Vielleicht hab ich ja dann mal wieder lust wer weiss. Demfall wünsch euch au no nette Fresstage und (böse) Ausrutscher im nächsten Jahr hehehe. Ihr wisst wie ich das meine
  17. awesome Germans !

    Na seid ihr auch alle schön brav mixen/kämpfen ? hehe
  18. awesome Germans !

    Tze sonst könnt ich nichmal S.T.A.L.K.E.R. spielen wär ich Windows frei
  19. Problems with counters

    Well after the update i trained on grizzly bears, but the counter didnt count right. After i killed 20 bears after the counter i only got 12 ... Is this a little failure now, or doing i something from. thx for helping. btw. after desert chims attacking in mm, i got killed by 5 dcws and a player.
  20. awesome Germans !

    was nackte frauen
  21. Desktop Pics!

  22. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Not one, im praising this songs: Chalice Of Blood (Sweden) - Speak through me Orthodox/religious Black Metal from Sweden. Heresi (Sweden) - Bevingad och försedd med horn sounding like Mayhems "De Mystheriis Dom Sathanas" Awesome. Kriegsmaschine (Poland) - The Fall in all its Glory Kult Band with Mgla, highly recommended Black Metal. Give it a try if u listen extreme Metal. Cheers.
  23. awesome Germans !

  24. Update problems

    Hi, having probs with using '@' and '#' ingame after the update. Worked perfectly with the previous version. hope someone can help. EL is running under WinXP, using keyboard layout from switzerland very similar to US or Uk layoud. Thx.
  25. What was your first guild?

    History (quite alot guilds) WOLF (dead guild) KOTR (dead guild) WTF/KTF -> lots of friends there, but i know today where i belong to. Hail Idle Horde.