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  1. oo ive had that (the one from tobasico). i put that all over my steak and that was DAMN good. if anyone wants my salsa recipe (its not really unknown or hard) just ask :) i like to keep such a simple obvious thing to myself.

  2. yesterday i turned it all the way up equalizer on full blast and everything...its a small 15 watt with a big 5 string bass plugged in could that be the problem? i dont care if its the amp im just worried about my bass (my dad said he's gonna get me a new amp) lol. but i guess i care for the little 15 watt crate :?

  3. i would ask my dad for you, cause we lived in italy for a few years and my dad loves italian food. but sorry he aint here hes away on a business trip. italians make some good ass pizza. i remember this pizza place i went to and they like make it right infront of you and you can get em to make it just how you want it, i got my initials in dough done once :P