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  1. i am looking for people to help me in my fight against the CO. I am currently banned unfairly, but speak to lordofthenazgul, my right hand man, will be happy to sign you up.
  2. War Against CO (read the great war in events)

    Sweet those were the days lol...... :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune:
  3. Video card

    Nvidia Rocks!
  4. What Are You Getting For Xmas?

    Halo 2 KOTOR 2 B&W Deluxe Remote-control Airplane New Mouse Air-Soft Gun Grenade Launcher
  5. Black And White 2

    When is it coming out? It was supposed to have come out, like, a year ago! Come on!
  6. Black And White 2

  7. Black And White 2

    I have looking forward to it for so looooooong. I remember i thought it was rediculas that they even thought about holding it back till March 04. Sigh....
  8. Oi!

    I asked for that for CHristmas.... How does it run? Ive got an XP 32mb video card, 256mb of ram, and directx9. This meets the minimum requirements, but i am still worried about how it will run.
  9. I Think My New Sig Is Helairous

    to many kiddos
  10. The Pre-emp - Assault On Grubani, Deletes and Chan

    Ohh my God you people are such nerds! *moved*
  11. Selling A Guild...

    I will buy if sunny will lend me 20k....
  12. What's Your Religion

  13. Hello

  14. Banned

    well, i say he should get unbanned. I would like to be unbanned as well....
  15. .....

    This is a sight my past-friend made. (he was the one who got me banned. Sigh) Tell me what you think. http://www.freefbo.com/index.php
  16. Apology.

    Goodbye plat.
  17. Anime Fans!

    I hate anime! I hate everything Japanese! But not in a mean way of course.
  18. The Ants...

    They will fall to my blade! (once i get unbanned)
  19. What's Your Religion

    lol my dad is a preacher
  20. God Help Me

    please guys get me unbanned! i cant believe you would be so heartless as to ban your ol pal Hellinon!
  21. Guess Someone's Real Name

    to start it off, im going to guess that MIkeH's name is george and That Fred's name is Cynthia
  22. Screw You Guys, I'm Coming Back (well, Sort Of)

    That's why we have guilds .. Lineage is great about team work needed to siege castles . Tigger leneage sucks nuts
  23. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    nooob??!!! how dare you! i used to be a respected member of the el community! And.. ? Get a better excuse for acting retarded. hehe i remember the farts. Good times......... But i have matured. Mature people never make self proclamations that they are indeed mature. People have to notice it about you. not true
  24. Vote Vote Vote

    i raped one once