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  1. i got banned unfairly

    i promise to entropy never to be a pain again. exept when, you know, its for a reason, like rebbeling against trop. i mean,come on, im never going to get a fair war out of you guys because you have the power to ban me whenever you want.
  2. Houses

    Players need them.
  3. More Races

    :idea: Im sorry, but you guys have done absolutely nothing original(and dont even start to say draegoni or orchans, because ive seen it all before). What would really put your game apart from Caugh,runescape,Caugh would be some stuff thats original, like i think you should just sit down with a pencil sometime and make up your own playable race. A horn here, an ear under the foot, etc. :idea:
  4. More Races

    your welcome