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  1. Shishio/Cathuga/wulfgar

    i never thought id ever say this but i agree with paulb, if you want to find backstabbing lying scammers look towards your own guild, _mia_ or what ever the hell her name is these days is the worst of them all, hell has a special place for people like you question you got to wonder is with all the alts she apparently was banned with how many peoples beds she wasnt in
  2. Do You Summon ?

    i do when i have the interest in harvesting which is rare, i get bored of it i make my own, boring as hell though specially with 80 emu
  3. Ilse, Irisis and Anais.

    means forever
  4. AiiDz Simple Bag Jump

    am suprised someone with that kind of name is allowed to play this and isnt locked for breaking rule 6, just my opinion
  5. Free Site Making for your Guild!

    Guild Portal is good too they give you a forum too
  6. Your play times

    i put down 10+ cause i got no job thus no life and no real reason to not play, just with i could stay focused on the game and not stare at all the shiny people and licking jadedangel
  7. New Quest

    You mean the BMW thing? Or the 3K fee? the 10k feee is what im thinking she means nice quest though, thanks to atl for helping me
  8. eXe scammed

    im so sorry to hear about this starlite you always seemed like a very kind person, wish i could do or say something to help out, tragic shame when people like exe make it difficult to trust each other on here
  9. Rost stone for sale

    sold but fyi when someone states starting bid is 24k that doesnt mean please offer me less
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    never mind gonna ask a friend to harvest what i need
  11. Buying bear fur

    Price:15-20gc each Post here or pm me ingame how many selling any and how much
  12. windows vista, need help

    thank you very much labrat
  13. i got a new pc the other day and i just relised when i go to my c drive i have 2 program files, one is called program files and the other is called program files (x86) why do i have 2 different ones?
  14. i like it, cola wearing off so the gerbil in my head is slowing down and cant think of anything else to add
  15. Day of Schools

    i disagree i think it should be some extra bonus for summoning since this day worls for everything else giving more exp same should be for summoning