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  1. okay i promise i wont do such a thing and my brother does to thnx my friend :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. hey ent if you will EVER READ THIS i took full blame on me and i have a promise from him he'll NEVER do it EVER AGAIN! please dont bann please...
  3. THAT would be nice but a char removall would be fine for me to cos if i get creation bann my brother cant start over and me neither if he just removes my high leveled char and his, i think we'll get over it and have a good CLEAN start again...if i just could play again....*sigh*
  4. entropy if you are there somewhere please help me out. yesterday there where some bannings including mine i didnt know, i went afk cause my "brother" needed to play and hey thought to be clever and made up 5 chars which about i didnt knew they were made. so i come back trying to start up "Eternal Lands" and what did i see !!!! "your ip adress is banned...blah blah" and i thought wtf is going on so i check the internet connection (helps sometimes) didnt work?! and what do i hear from a friend of mine ? "soulreaver" is banned dude. i went TOTALY CRAZY, so in the mean time i was afk my brother screwed :twisted: (sorry) up for me so I cant play anymore.. i told him NOT TO DO THAT ANYMORE !!! And i can assure you that he Wont do that EVER AGAIN. So can you PLEASE unban our IP PLease??? I need EL...Well thnx for reading
  5. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    hey entropy can you PLEASE unban me? please i promise ill follow the rules now cos i didnt know,,,about the char creation thingy plz ...
  6. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    hey entropy please read this i promise i wont do anything illegal anymore i PROMISE.....*sigh*....
  7. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    hey entropy can i please! get unbanned i LOVE this game i play it 24/7, and yes i know i made a big mistake but i only was trying it out,...(the muelzo_02 guyz) i didnt know what i was doing PLZ give me ONE more change to prove myself ONE CHANCE, i promise i will better myself PLEASE....thnx ...my char is SoulReaver...