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  1. white list - force

    Uiiks . my nickname is force . i often use mobile internet connection , but seems u guys banned whole IP's that my operator delivers . If thats not a problem plx whitelist by account . Greetings
  2. Auction

    230k ;p
  3. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    Lolz ppl . first read rulez , than think , next write anything like , this or other one is a scammer or bagjumper . killin players in pk is legal , nvm do they pvp or r afk or thaty went to pk coz they didnt know its pk area . maybe killin pvpers is not much honorable but its still legal pk .
  4. New Mobs!

    Yup , sounds rly good . im sick of yetis lol !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Changes in Harm spell.

    i think u should also calculate armors+wep+rostogols lost on a/d trainings and count again + to create pr0 warrrior ( min RD killer 1vs1 ) u need like 2 yrs of trainings at least 8h/day , to create a mage with mag lvl who can easly kill RD ( lets say 15 harms ) u need like 6 months and MD partner . i wouldnt say thats fair.
  6. Nasty Repairer

    Uiks , w00t , got my OS back , thx Radu
  7. Nasty Repairer

    Uiks . Its an honor to me to be helpfull . Ive get ur gossip msg Radu , will try to catch u online . TC and CU in game ^^
  8. Nasty Repairer

    Uiks , got same situation with OS , yes my inv was almost full , 27 emu free after OS poof , OS weight is 30 :/ any chance to get it back ?
  9. PIGs invasion on kf

    Uiks all . Today 21.02.2009;p , our guild have a pk guild event , wer going to pratrol pk maps etc... trying to kill as many ppl as we can . only allies tags gonna be respected , that means if ur neutral ur not save as usualy. Ofc if ur a friend and wanna have some fun fightin with us , just do it , all 4 fun ^^ . Have a nice day and have ur eye's open if ur on pk map .
  10. Temporary class system

    Hello , i just wanna say that i dont like this option with 50% MI bypassin , i was training hard for about 1.5 yr to get pr0 a/d and i dont see a reason y a guy who lvls his magic for 2 months can kill me in few sec , u guys wanna ruined PK to the rest than do it but w/o me ,again many good PKers gonna leave imo
  11. To all allies/naps and enamys of NaC

    hmmm wilb be hard to fight old friends , but if i will have to ill enjoy it and will fight good fair fights , wish u all best ( nice pking )
  12. Sky client test 5

    all looks good for me , Athlon 64 5000+ , 1GB RAM 667MHz , GF 8600 GT Palit 256MB RAM ;p
  13. Spawn Etiquette III

    Lolz ppl , i dont see the problem , i always make a bag with bones and meat and dont mind if someone takes it coz as Radu say its not my bag anymore , just keep that rule in mind and problem is gone ;p , Hail EL maniac's
  14. Alkapone

    Wtg Alkapone , uve show that scammer wheres his place , Red tag removed !
  15. Mage class, Fighter class

    it looks good for me . i just think that we should get a chance to give all our pp's from oa+the ones bouth for hydro to attributes we want , perks should be reseted imo ( not astro ) coz i think most of ppl wouldnt take some of perks if they would know about cap earlyer . archers and mages may work nice in team pk too , and ppl with high oa lvls will be able to try other professions coz they can put pp's in I/R attr . idea is cool , hope it will work good too . wish luck to every EL manic's , cya in game