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  1. fifa world cup

    lol who care ??
  2. fifa world cup

    come on Russian Fan, destroy everything !!!
  3. UNban cd.

    Hello, My name is lukas, i am 17 years old and i am form Poland. I get ban becouse i was bad guy i was really evil and nasty. Deer Entropy & mihiam plz unban my sweet ip . It is christmas give me small present :/ Sorry that i am makign new post but i just wondering, who can unban my ip form black list ?
  4. MSN Messenger

    Who is using this program and want talk with me : kadlub_hellie@hotmail.com Post here your msn
  5. MSN Messenger

    shivar you can read, i thought smooms sit next to you and reading everything
  6. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Dobra spalic teh banned 0n3ne na stosie i dac mi unbana
  7. my ip baned with none reasone :(

    help me, plz unban me i will be good
  8. my ip baned with none reasone :(

    great idea i was trying 100 times but he 1 time answer me " i dont have time i am bussy "
  9. I miss all .....

    I miss all my old friend from this game, but now we cant meet...cuz i got banned ip, maybe soon when world will be better we could meet again. If anyone want contact with me usse msn : kadlub_hellie@hotmail.com Maybe ppl will think that this topic dont have sense....but it will be mistake. I want thenks here to everyone who was my friends in this game : Shivar " my wife" , Rogue "i mean rogue when he was mihaim now he changed... i dont know why" Apa "sweet person", Aqua & tornado , Doni Pedro" i remember time when we was fighting together vs our enemys", i can say 100 or more ppl who i was like ... My enemys who i liked dostor, shasso, Nidan.... i just want say thanks for everything ! take a care ! god bless you !!!!
  10. I miss all .....

    shivar you remember afk song ?
  11. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Twoj styl pisowni : kropki, minki , Duze litery i bycie modem przypomina mi Pania teh banned 0n3nke
  12. my ip baned with none reasone :(

    if i remember good ...sry it was long time ago.... i was spamming cuz someone hack my bro and none wanted help from mods, and learner banned me
  13. I miss all .....

    evil shivar, thats why i love "HER" hiihhiihih
  14. I miss all .....

    I understand you, maybe i will never get unban. But i willl nerver beg mods for it, i may only ask but nothing more i got my honor.
  15. I miss all .....

    hmmm i was in hc too, and i really remember you....... I wont delete what idi i said about mods, i am saying what i am thinking and i will not lie that mods are good for me, I was bad boy and 1 or 2 mods dont like me and rest mods just hide their heads
  16. I miss all .....

    but i was talking with rogue on msn, with learner in e-mail, what this post can change if mods dont like you..... you can do nothing
  17. I miss all .....

    heheh i remmeber you, you was tm member
  18. I miss all .....

    i was talking with rogue about it..... he was my good friend, he said he will talk with learner, 5 day ago, and nothing..... you cant trust even friends
  19. I miss all .....

    no i get banned like 5 month ago, but i didnt wanted back
  20. Kadi lac :o

    yes shivar is my slayer
  21. I miss all .....

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19376 My topic ! :> They just puted my on black list and they wont remove me
  22. Selling titanium long thermal

    lol shivaras tit long should cost alot, he killed many good players using it
  23. I miss all .....

    who said i didnt try ...... ? But if soneone sending nice letter , they just dont read it
  24. I miss all .....

    i was banned long time ago, if i remember good for spamming by learner