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    video games and sex with women
  1. why was i banned

    thx man... :lol:
  2. why was i banned

    i'll just use D1337me ok.
  3. why was i banned

    AAAAHHHH **** IT i'll use D1337me
  4. why was i banned

    i am not going to change my name i have this SN for years now and i did'nt brake any friggen rules. >.<
  5. Read first.

    lets see here.....i was banned for....well i don't know what i was banned for and i was in the game for more that 30 seconds.....and i don't have a little brother or a step son or anything younger than me. just un-ban me for the love of god.
  6. why was i banned

    i played for 30 seconds and i was doing something with points with the wraith and it froze and i thought to my self(great)so i closed it and re-opened it and it said my IP adress was banned for doing something nasty.......well guess what.....un-ban me i did'nt even play the game for more than a minute