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  1. i didnt cheat

    i dont never do nothing to disrupt integrity, forgive me ive only been locked for misunderstandings just like this one
  2. i didnt cheat

    rabu It is a horribly ridiculous and embarrassing term couples use when they're mushy and uberly happy. The word is often used twice consecutively for an extra emphasis. "God, they're so frickin rabu rabu." "How are you guys doing lately?" "Us, oh we're super rabu rabu!"
  3. i didnt cheat

    i never cheated but all my names are banned
  4. baned in login

    and wasting others' time in the newbie help channel, using yet another character. Being a troublemaker (and wasting everyone's time, as you continue to do) is breaking the rules. You are clearly not sorry, or you'd give up this front, and stop causing trouble. that was only a remark to someone elses sexual ineudo new toons dont do me any good bc all i got is my name i dont have the levels since i kicked toomass ass several years ago. i make alt to just joke around and try to make things fun in a dull environment while on ban. radu baned me from noob chat so idk what else to do.
  5. baned in login

    i still having dificuly loging in. i never broke rules just anoyed but sory it made me baned.
  6. baned in login

    i thoght that was for cheatint not for sayng noob in a chanel. i was stell locked out i sory for saying noob i wont do it again
  7. baned in login

    i thoght that was for cheatint not for sayng noob in a chanel.
  8. baned in login

    i tried to log in but it says no still. i forgot why you locked me out so long
  9. baned in login

    thx for the advise i sorry i said stuff about noobs in the chanel
  10. baned in login

    it still has me outside i wanna be inside
  11. baned in login

    i was still baned when i double clicked login twice. this is disurbing
  12. baned in login

    i tiped in the wrong chanel and got baned by acident. will you forgive me?
  13. AoI is recruiting!

    im good sumoner. i will join. btw how much does i get paid for joining?