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  1. Locked for how long?

    i wont ask for anything more, thank you very much, and may you have a nice evening
  2. Locked for how long?

    yes i know, and i did after i had started this thread, i was a little too hasty, i'll admit that, but i would like to have grimzreaper unlocked if possible, the others can continuesly be locked/deleted The character i'll be playing on (if unlocked) is grimzreaper, that will be the only character that will be shown from this IP adress in the future
  3. Locked for how long?

    i told about the_slayer in an other topic, and the grimzreaper, i had forgot i had him, that's the only character i'm going to be playing on, after i found out i had him i logged out og the_slayer and into grimzreaper, he has not interacted with any characters from this IP, and he wont ever. Is he banned as well? if i somehow can delete characters, then i'll delete the_slayer right away, if that helps anything
  4. Locked for how long?

    Hello, my account (the_killer_dk) was locked a long time ago... and i would really like to get him back, he had good stats and it would take me a long time to get that high again, i was wondering when he'd be unlocked? Regards Killer
  5. Ban

    I'm closing this topic, keeping the one i'm playing on now.
  6. Ban

    I know about the first one that was sent, that was my younger brother who was playing on that account together with me But if it's possible i would like to have my items from The_killer_dk transferred to my new char: grimzreaper I know that i broke the rules a couple of times, and i apologize for that -Anders-
  7. Ban

    That you have quoted on was not ment for this topic that was a mistake. But am i then banned for a month? And Btw. I don't have the steel_man char anymore, I'm not playing on it anymore
  8. Ban

    Hi I've been banned reasonly for resons i understand now, I've used 2 chars to help me get some more Gc. I didn't think that I did anything wrong, untill it was too late. I'm very sorry that i broke the rule, I have read them all through now, so now i know what i can and can't do. I love playing EL so I would be very sad if i can't get my char back (The_Killer_Dk) The chars I've been using for this is my main "The_Killer_Dk" and the one I made for faster harvesting "The_Grapper" I would like to get my The_Killer_Dk opened again, not my The_Grapper. I got another one, that haven't interacted with any of these 2 chars, "The_Slayer", I'll stop using my The_Slayer, because i now know that it's wrong. I hope that you understand me. I've learned my lesson, and this was the first and last time I'll ever do such a thing. Best Gegards: The_Killer_Dk