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  1. Server down?

    snickers mcflurry ftw \o/ and i guess we will all have to go outside and harvest and kill rabbits
  2. Players u missed

    ^^ thx glad to be back
  3. Players u missed

    haha the luck of you postin that earlier and i start playin' again i missed ya too Paul
  4. Possibly just by paying no attention to health or mana. I see people dieing daily at storage and losing lots of expensive stuff (I gave 3 COLs back already at storage ) thats exactly what happened i was on the phone and was not paying attention and next thing i knew i was dead
  5. [14:40:41] ShoDoKaN shuffled off his mortal coil. [14:40:51] ShoDoKaN has made a fatal tactical error. ok i see that i died twice i didnt know it had happened, my appologies and thanks for looking into it, just a error on my part lol!
  6. hi, i was mixing hes in nc storage for about an 30 minutes or so and i got poisoned and died. at that time i had silver, mums, toads, fruit, hes, srs, fr cape, mol, and col in my inv. when i died i did go to the underworld but i was short a rosto (of course), but i was also missing the mums, my mol, and my fr cape. can anyone please help me find an explaination for this? thanks,
  7. fluffy :D

    fluffs are still rather easy to kill when you got no cooldowns so just drink alot of pots then restore. still takes quite a bit of skill though gratz snoozy
  8. True Sight Potions

    you just dont want to see it change so u can keep sitting at DP. i see what con is saying its like ogres too many players ts and non camping the few spawns that do exist i think that -10 should be a max for ts pots thats all u realy need and if you need more then u just need to move on to the next monster...
  9. Journey of a warrior

    awesome \o/ just got to catch up love the massive phantom description along with the great fight scene
  10. Journey of a warrior

    paulB's future fiance?? excellent chapter keep up the great work
  11. Pking in the main server

    i know like with the good/evil thing was the unicorns would attack evil players but the evil players were not attacked by invading creatures or something to that nature good pros and cons to either side
  12. Pking in the main server

    naw i havent
  13. Pking in the main server

    why not talk about it i mean really there isnt much pk anymore and i think this is worth trying.. so what if it doesnt go so well, its better to try, than kick it aside and forget about it
  14. Pking in the main server

    i really rather liked the idea, gave you a chance to interact with other players from other guilds... and the bonuses and penalties added yet another side of strategy so to say, so it made you choose your side wisely