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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ** ** ** miss u too. come back and play ** Idk, I have to wait 2 see if the mods let me play. Since my lame brother got me banned b4. >.< And everytime I open EL to make a new character, EL just closes... So idk.. Hows the shop goin?
  2. I.P bann or normal bann or w.e.

    Yehyeh I got banned and miss EL. I was wondering if I could play again..? Thanks.. ^.^
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I miss you Dibclark. <33
  4. I.P bann

    Hello, as I was away camping, I come home to see that my brother has got me an I.P bann on the game and on the forums (im on another computer at dads work not on same I.P) I was wondering if I could get whitelisted from the game and the forums? P.S I can only see your post if I get a whitelist. Thanks.
  5. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    ingame name - hotdogs01 I will buy the maximum silver ores I can buy, even if that means 3.5k to 20k. I buy it all. Ty ;]
  6. Storage sale \o/

    Ingame name: hotdogs01 I would like to buy: 3234 silver ore: 6468gc. 10186 roses, are they red roses? If they are, there mine .50 each? 1200 sulfir: 2400gc for all. 23 pickaxes, 690gc. ty pm ingame or here...
  7. Blowout Storage Sale! \o/\o/

    Hello, my ingame name is hotdogs01 I would like to buy 1k spirit restoriation potions... 40 pickaxes 768 silver ore I'll offer ingame.. Thanks, hotdogs...
  8. The Bruise Brothers Harvest Group

    Sorry about all that guys, the reason I quit was because cycrosism never worked, I went to my friends house one day, I tell him to get sapphires while im gone, and he sais 'No, im not getting sapphires when your logged off'. Even when he was full time at the start, he still never worked on the orders. (well not enough) For your diamonds and sapphire orders, im sorry we never got back to you because cycrosism was the only one in our group that could mine them. He never mined them because he needed me to mine them, yet I don't have to knowledge. I told him I was quitting, and I told him my reason. He sais, 'alright then im canceling the group'. I still told him that you don't need to cancel the group just because im quitting, and he replies 'Well how am I going to get the orders done'... He expects me to get ALL the orders done because he is 'part time' and he works whenever he wants, and i'm full time and he sais 'you can't do anything else but get orders because your full time. Sorry again, to everyone that didn't get there orders back. I can try to get a few of your orders back, even though the group is cancelled. Sorry for all the mess, if you would still like your orders done, you could try ordering off 'Generation X harvesting group'. Thanks, hotdogs01...
  9. The Bruise Brothers Harvest Group

  10. Selling some stuff CHEAP check it out

    I'll take the CoM, 1k magic essence and 1k blue quarts. 62k all up, ty hotdogs01 ingame...
  11. harvesting

    Hi, ingame name hotdogs01 I would like to buy 10k snapdragons 5k impatiens 5k lilacs Add up to 10k total... Tyvm!!
  12. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    You say up the top We have Next day delivery service, so order today and pick up order tomorrow. Then at the bottom you have This may take 2 - 3 RL days. What does this mean??
  13. The Bruise Brothers Harvest Group

  14. The Bruise Brothers Harvest Group