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  1. Best Rappers of all time!

    That's right and don't you forget it.
  2. Best Rappers of all time!

    He must. He said he wasn't anything without biggy which is true. And damn can't beleive I forgot DOC for the NWA thing. I should be shot
  3. Best Rappers of all time!

    Yeah, you don't know anything. Now name some rappers who arent mainstream ... I'll forgive this because you are from England .... Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, MC Ren and Arabian Prince Yeah you didnt ask me but just to show I know
  4. Best Rappers of all time!

    Tupac hands down. East vs. West was just made big by Biggy and Pac, it wasnt beef between east and west, just the people who followed rap at the time. If east actually hated west it would have been another civil war. Get your facts straight (whoever said that) And to everyone saying rap sucks, well, so wasn't your mom last night. If you don't like rap then don't reply to the thread. You just make yourself look bad.
  5. What Is Your Age?

    So close to being in the 20 and older category, but I'm just 19 :-(
  6. Time for me to go.

    I heard some of the plants down there can make you pretty happy when consumed ;-D
  7. It's awesome.

    What would be cool is if you could only remove the sword if all stats were maxed (or pretty damn high). Then make it where there is only one sword of it's kinda and it can't break, but you can lose it, so if you are killed in pk or by monsters, someone else could just take the sword and do what they want with it : - )
  8. What song are you listening to?

    Great song Harlee. And Tum's ... "bathroom" tune As for me, I'm listening to Tupac's All Eyez on Me CD and currently I'm on song #6 Two of America's Most Wanted feat. Snoop Dogg. In my personal CD player is Tupac Ressurection and in my PS2 is the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas soundtrack and I think I left my Eminem "Encore" CD in my friend's car the other night (she better give it back!!!!!) Music rocks!
  9. I'm basicly forced...

    Good proper spelling of biotch Okay, I'm gonna go now. *runs off*
  10. I'm basicly forced...

    That's right, biotch (proper spelling, not biatch) Some people are just ungrateful. You of all people should know that Ent (not calling you ungrateful, but being the "god" you've probably had to deal with a lot of them.
  11. I'm basicly forced...

    Didn't sell it O.o Whatever. Don't give away your password.
  12. I'm basicly forced...

    If you sold it to him, it's your own fault. You should have never given out your password.
  13. Your Most Embarrassing Moment

    A few months ago I was in a bar and I went to the bathroom, everything was cool till I walked out with my zipper down and .... uhm .... something decided to make a grand entrance ....
  14. Party With Scarr

    Cowards. I can't wait to see Scarr get revenge :-)
  15. "and Then" Game

    and then hundreds of the "cool" gamers who play EL all died of boredom then Ent was all like "Don't cross the boss, bitches!" and walked off into the sunset as the credits begin to roll.