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  1. Rant On the World

    agreed, well said
  2. Terrorist attacks on London

    Obviously my sympathies goes out to all the families affected, but bombings are something that the British people are familar with and have always dealt with without resorting to mass hysteria unlike other countries. The UK has dealt with 30 years of bombings from the IRA who were finacial supported by the Americans and the only way it was stopped was to bring these terrorists to the negotiation table. If you dont give people a voice or if you choose not to listen then they will always find a way to get your attention. 1971: Bomb explodes in Post Office tower 1971: Bomb demolishes crowded Belfast pub 15 dead 1972: IRA bomb kills six at Aldershot barracks 1973: Bomb blasts rock central London 1974: Soldiers and children killed in coach bombing 12 dead 1974: Dublin and Monaghan bomb kills 23 1974: IRA bombs parliament 11 injured 1974: Bomb blast at the Tower of London 1 dead 41 injured 1974: Four dead in Guildford bomb blasts 1974: Bomb blast in London club 1974: Minister's wife survives bomb attack 1974: Birmingham pub blasts kill 19 1975: London Hilton bombed 1975: Bomb blasts rock Northern Ireland 1976: Ten dead in Northern Ireland ambush 1976: Explosions rock London's West End 1979: IRA bomb kills Lord Mountbatten 1979: Soldiers die in Warrenpoint massacre 1982: IRA bombs cause carnage in London 1982: RUC officers killed by IRA bomb 1983: Harrods bomb blast kills six 1984: Tory Cabinet in Brighton bomb blast 1987: Bomb kills 11 at Enniskillen 1989: IRA bombs Tern Hill barracks 1989: Ten dead in Kent barracks bomb 1992: Bomb explosions in Manchester 64 injured 1993: Child killed in Warrington bomb attack 56 injured 1993: IRA bomb devastates City of London 1996: Docklands bomb ends IRA ceasefire 1996: Bomb blast destroys London bus 1996: Huge explosion rocks central Manchester 1998: Dozens die in Omagh bombing 2001: Second blast at London post office 2001: Car bomb in west London injures seven
  3. Eu Constitution

    Us Brits need to make up our minds wether we are in or out of Europe, sure there is pros and cons for both sides of the arguement but this half hearted approach is damaging for all. Personally i'm all for a United States of Europe we need another super power to balance things out in the world, plus Britain has far more in common culturly and historicaly wise with Europe. P.S make your vote count on the 5th May and vote Liberal Democrats, out with Tony Blair
  4. How Rich Are You?

    I made my money mostly by alchemy, I sell some to players I know and the rest is sold to the shops because I cant be doing with messing about on the market channel. What do I do with all my money and items? well mostly it all goes to fund the guild. Iron bars i find is the best source of income.
  5. Metal_gear_acid

    I would just like to warn people about Metal_gear_acid. Last night he was somehow able to hack a friends account while my friend was on-line, change the password of the account and stole stuff from my friends storage. After the guild constantly harassed him (sorry we broke a rule there ) He did give back some of the stuff and told me the password he had changed the account to, and as such we have been able to get back the account. Just giving you all a warning do not trust metal_gear_acid.
  6. Alchemists on Strike!

    I would like to announce that as of 1.00am gmt 9th March, all of the guild Dao is joining the strike. Do not ask any members for any bars or essences as we dont wish to offend:p
  7. can't use an item

    i have been getting the 'cant use an item after another, you need at least 1 second before (re) using an item' message even though i have been able to eat something. It tends to happen once in every 10 eats, to me anyway.
  8. Alchemists on Strike!

    I think the assumption is being made that all alchemists are harvesters aswell, as the two jobs go hand in hand.
  9. Alchemists on Strike!

    I have worked in the mines all my adult life, and the working conditions and prices of the essences have got worse. We need to setup a health and saftey committee. We need Doctors to treat our many ailments, blisters and callouses on our hands, chronic backache, and the most dangerous of all chronic bronchitis and emphzema, caused by mine dust. We need Optitcians to treat our poor eyesight caused by the bad light in the mines. We need funeral and death benefits, how many of us have died while harvesting for our essences. We need accidental benefits and saftey equipment to wear, i am fed up being rendered unconsious when the wall falls on me. And finally we need pension rights for when we are too old and crippled to work anymore. I still dream of a little hut by the coast, for when i retire. You wont get me, I am part of the union.
  10. Alchemists on Strike!

    count me in too. I have stopped making les, they take too long and you get too little money for it. Oh and sorry i missed the meeting, i was else where United We Stand Divided We Fall
  11. Banned?

    I know you have more pressing matters what with the problems with the server and all but Minardi's IP is still banned. Any indication as to when this will be lifted.
  12. Banned?

  13. Banned?

    It seems Minardi's IP was never unbanned or was banned again, and he is also banned from the forums hence Iam posting on his behalf. After 4 months banned from EL he wishes to play again would this be possible?
  14. Selling guild maps

    Guild Dao is in the process of making a guild map and we intend to have it as a pk map with a pk bot. 1 question though, do we have to programme the pk bot ourselves and we buy the extra phys/cord and the privillage of having the bot, or do we actually buy the bot itself. Thanks Honeybee
  15. Battle of the Alchemists

    Bring it on