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  1. Photo Topic Condensed

    My baby pictures aren't included.
  2. this is truely funny.

    We can't see your skin color through a computer screen.
  3. to save gasoline use dead cats

    Yeah. I really don't care if I die. I almost want to die. Life is pretty much pointless when it comes down to it. But then... why not enjoy it while you can? So that's what I'm doing. Living life, and nothing more. I do not fear death.
  4. Unbelievable!

    I don't like commercialism or Christianity. So I really don't like Christmas.
  5. Unbelievable!

    We're all consumer whores.
  6. pick the most hottest people in EL

    BOOBS! Too bad I like the male anatomy better.
  7. hunting of cats to be legalized

    My religion says it's okay to kill you.
  8. to save gasoline use dead cats

    Hah. Or not. War will erupt over oil. Civil war maybe, maybe a world war, who knows. But there is going to be blood shed. Oh I am looking forward to it.
  9. OMFG, Not EL related but quite an issue.

    After having been hit by a few of these things, I have no sympathy. I have no symathy for myself or for others. We try to conquer nature rather than coincide with it, and therefore we somehow we see ourselves as better than other aspects of nature. As more worthy of life. I don't care if I die. It's part of the NATURAL ORDER of things. Natural disasters are just proof of this natural order. Life cannot exist without death. Let this be a reminder of how fragile life is, and let it remind you of your place in the scheme of things. I know it has reminded me of mine.
  10. to save gasoline use dead cats

    Eh It's impossible to maintain on a long-term basis without oil. The things you would need to produce this fuel are all produced with the aid of oil. Also, there are transportation costs associated with centralizing the trash, and for something that would only meet about 5% of the US daily energy needs (using all the garbage produced on a daily basis), it doesn't seem worth it.
  11. trivia

  12. to save gasoline use dead cats

    It's actually not practical at all and would only meet like 5% of our energy needs; I was just trying to be funny.
  13. to save gasoline use dead cats

    Oh, that rings a bell. I think we may have discussed it in my AP Euro class last year. In truth, babies make a delicious meal... you should try it some time!
  14. pick the most hottest people in EL

    I quit band. My band director was too much of an asshole, and it just wasn't worth it. Me out of a band uniform: http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/9053/mememememe0yo.jpg My vote: http://photobucket.com/albums/y68/KalaOfEL...nt=moreofme.jpg
  15. to save gasoline use dead cats

    Actually I've never read it, but if it has anything to do with killing babies I'll most certainly pick up a copy!