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  1. Local mute command.

    Actually i saw overhead text in the game once, and liked it, but when i logged back in the next day it was gone. And it showed the overhead text no matter if i talked public or local. Dunno what that was tho, but i took a screenshot. :> The overhead text would be a good idea except for that little bug. To separete local and public i guess you could just color one of them. The local mute seems useful, there's too many annoying localspammers out there. About the "local messages 15 seconds" idea, i think 15 seconds is a VERY long time, especially if you're used to irc, but if you speak like 5 lines in 6 seconds you could be disconnected, because that's allmost allways a flood. To avoid spamming there could be a block against repeating your message more then 2 times? This would mean them having to type a new word all the time and they would get tired of that pretty quick. -kj
  2. DP CC south entrance

    Sirdan is right, i tested it. Only the bottom one works even tho there's a door symbol over the other arc as well. Bad work. :>
  3. DP CC south entrance

    i'm clicking the right arch, there is a door symbol. i click it from every possible angle, walk in and out, but i can't get in. it works sometimes tho, and the other way around (as an exit) it works fine. the other entrance works well too.
  4. pretty sure this falls here...

    I'm glad it's the mapmaking team and not the mod team, i have a general dislike for arrogant people.
  5. Typo @ Harvy

    lol, smeg geocities
  6. DP CC south entrance

    I'm allways having trouble entering the desert pines crystal cavern from the south, doesn't help logging out and in, what is this? :
  7. Become a Rivan Warrior!

    Interested. Not high enough leveled tho. Where can i find a members list and some more info while i wait to level?
  8. Library - deer info

    Actually i'm too lazy to upload. The deer info in encyclopedia said "to summon a beaver you ned deer fur etc". Might upload the pic in jpg later, if noone is nice and does it for me.
  9. cant pick up items

    I think that happened to me the other day, there was a bag i couldn't open. Yes there was a hand icon.
  10. Typo @ Harvy

    Screenshot I do believe it's mercury, and not mercuriy.
  11. Library - deer info

    Actually my pc crashed trying to run photoshop. Will upload in a sec.
  12. Connection problems

    I wasn't talking about the crash or the rollback, i was talking about my computer not being able to connect to the server while everyone else were able to. Anyway, it's working now. The 4 posts in a row were necessary to update any repliers on the situation.
  13. Connection problems

    Okay, NOW what? Has my char been reset? No, cause everything else works fine. I have power save, and still my food lvl was at -2 just now. What is going on with this game?!! :/
  14. Connection problems

    Oh, i did another reboot and suddenly it worked. Very weird, i must say. Let's plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!