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  1. Forgot my password for the game

    Fortunately i remembered my password. I am glad though to have sparked an interesting discussion Thanks for answering my question and elaborating on the issue Usl! Hompf.
  2. Forgot my password for the game

    Hello, I have not played EL in quite a while, and now i seem to have forgotten my password to log into the game. Is there any way of resetting the password? Thanks in advance, Hompf
  3. Big manu Auctions: Bindings/Serpents/EFE

    Anonymous in-game bid for Auction 1: 135k gc Anonymous in-game bid for Auction 3: 95k gc
  4. Auctions ended. 1 and 3 sold, still selling auction 2, pm me if interested Holding 3 big manu Auctions! Check it out: Auction 1: 10 Binding Stones Starting at 130k gc Auction 2: 10 Serpent Stones Starting at 95k gc Auction 3: 10 EFE Starting at 95k gc Increments in 1k minimum please. When responding, don't forget to mention which auction you are bidding on. All auctions end in 1 week from now. I reserve the right not to sell if final offer is too low. Happy bidding!
  5. Auction: 10 Binding Stones

    Anonymous BIN offer received. Sold. Auction closed
  6. Auction: 10 Binding Stones

    Anonymous ingame offer of 125k received
  7. Auction: 10 Binding Stones

    Auctioning 10 Binding Stones. Starting bid: 120k BIN: 150k Auction will end the 26th Edit: Auction closed, stones sold for BIN
  8. selling 8 K of raw meat (auction)

    PC on raw meat is 4-5 gc each So i'll start bidding at 32k gc
  9. Selling Items

    145k for the 2 CoL's
  10. Selling Rosto's

    disgusting. all i have to say about it
  11. Auctioning a Vegetal Removal Stone. Starting price: 450k Buy it now price: 650k Auction ends: in a week from now Note: i reserve the right to withdraw the stone from auction Edit: the stone was sold in game. Topic can be closed
  12. Selling magic essences

    Selling up to 23k magic essences for 7gc each, in batches of min. 1k Post here or pm/gossip me in game. Edit: all sold.
  13. Selling NMT @ 330k

    Selling a NMT cape @ 330k Post here or pm/gossip me in game: Hompf.
  14. EITC Shop!

    I'd like 1k fire essies, possibly to be delivered with my mugwort order? Thanks.
  15. Ranging Lock

    This sounds like a great new feature! Will this be in the next client release? - Hompf.