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  1. Ranging fix

    I dont mind the flee effect too much.. the anoying part is that the the difference between beeing too close for ranging and too far for making the mob flee. Its like 2 steps. So sometimes it takes longer to get into right position than killing the mob.
  2. I guess no mirrors is overpowered...i was thinking from a tanking perspective. Maybe mirrors get reduced by 50% would be more realistic. Or it need some other additional penalties.
  3. Is any1 here using F2 to open last posted URL? If yes then i guess you see how comfortable it is compared to write down or copy it. In instances and invances a lot of coord are posted and you have to find that coord in map which is pretty anoying.
  4. For more variety i would suggest Ice dragon helm of life (maybe something like 100 to 150 hp and no mana) and no mirror damage (means you get no damage from monster mirrors) Break and droprate kinda like holam. Ty for reading.
  5. Why the Invance Change?

    I think for both ranges 100-120 and 120-145 there might be enough players. Imo the risk vs. reward is just not right. So a lot of them dont do them twice (a month).
  6. I think 60-80 and 80-100 invance are perfectly fine. 100-120 invance is wayyyyyyy too hard for the current player base. And btw 100-120 instance is the worst of all instances...worst drops, pretty dangerous monsters.
  7. More HP can help to get your max restore at an earlier HP level...like you can restore at 170 hp with 250 max restore....so you can avoid dying by double hit or slowness...its give a bit more safety. Btw seems like you both dont like eva and nmt/mirror perks. For a pure tank with mana build they might help a lot...you wont get hit 20% of the time compared to mostly every time against most monsters in that instances.
  8. Reconstruction day stone for sell

    Ok, ill end it in 9h from now. Best offer is 160k. Wont update here anymore.
  9. Reconstruction day stone for sell

    Best offer is 150k so far. It will end next weekend.
  10. Selling Reconstruction day stone. Write your offer here or pm ingame.
  11. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    I loved getting my own scales for instances...especially while in a range where it didnt pay off to buy. And instances are one of the main fun parts of the game for me...
  12. Hi, i think dragons were┬┤nt meant to sit at 24/7 afk when they were introduced. So maybe remove their ignore levels. Best regards.
  13. Use of Oranges

    You can donate them to global quest also.
  14. Sign up for "almost PRO" instances

    I would like to join. current stats: 113/114 ad, rang 49, 60ap er+wh, mule12
  15. New invance rules discussion

    i dont see why ppl complain so much about others...i did not see it much myself in 80-100, maybe its just a think of 100+...let everybody do invance their own way...maybe give some helping advise in a nice way.