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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ill take 20,000 Cotton for 10,000gc please
  2. Archery package

    Oh- Sorry 21,000gc
  3. Archery package

  4. Archery package

  5. Archery package

  6. Archery package

    Hmmmm... 1000gc!
  7. Join n00b

    I have cols to give to the next 100 ppl- so join pr0 P.S if you belived that, your not worthy
  8. Emotions

    I find that the blinking is to fast- not a long enough pause, i blink once every 5+sec, i counted this is 3-sec, Just my opinion- a longer pause would make it more natural.
  9. Mage Staff

    Kinda like putting an EFE on a wooden staff and making it shoot fire balls everywhere. Why not go and buy some Fire arrows and short bow?
  10. Mage Staff

    I like this idea, but it has been suggested before, and the developers/entropy(radu) are probably considering/designing new spells already.
  11. Move Lottery NPC

    I think this is a good idea- moving to votd would make me buy tickets
  12. Help me find a Cellphone

    Try this for NZ http://pricespy.co.nz/cat_8.html #EDIT This looks cool! http://www.einfo.co.nz/shop/product_info.p...roducts_id=9957
  13. Items & Things

    Items & Things by GilDriG On the Market: ARMOR Steel Cuisses- RRP: 23,500gc ONLY 21,999gc SAVE 1501gc ! SOLD Steel Greaves- RRP: 23,000gc ONLY 21,499gc SAVE 1501gc ! SOLD Iron Greaves- RRP: 6800gc ONLY 6199gc SAVE 601gc ! SOLD HARVESTED ITEMS 4108 Gypsum- RRP: 41,080gc (10gc ea) ONLY 37,999gc SAVE 3081gc ! SOLD 913 Iron Ore- RRP: 3195.5gc (3.5gc ea) ONLY 2999gc SAVE 196.5gc ! WEAPONS 1 Long Bow- RRP: 5000gc ONLY 4499gc SAVE 501gc ! SOLD Prices are subject to change POST HERE or PM ME INGAME Thanks For Shopping!
  14. kf creatures

    Cant you move the monsters using invasion tokens?