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  1. Vista full screen?

    This seems to be alot similar to this problem. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45105
  2. RC 1

    Works fine for me, no problems! Just a question though, is the camera suppost follow you when you sit down?
  3. Pre RC 11

    Works fine for me, no problems!
  4. Artwork Updates

    http://eternal-lands.blogspot.com/search?q=pets So im guessing no?
  5. Forum problems...

    Everything works fine for me on Internet Explorer 7 except this one thing; its like a centimeter of missing tan at the top on both sides.
  6. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Lol, That song is hard to play on guitar hero 3 xD I've been playing Guitar Hero 3 alot so basicly all the songs on there are my favourite including through the fire and flames by dragonforce.
  7. Overkill banned?

    According to Gossip your not banned, and if you were banned you could not log on.
  8. Bot payments

    I sent payment for a 12 month renewal for bot KoS_Trader via PayPal.
  9. Bot payments

    So for my bot kos_info it will be due in June 2008? or do I have to pay for it within these 2 weeks? Sorry for asking a dumb question but just double checking because if i still have 5 months I will take advantage of them.
  10. Big PK event, great prizes, no A/D skill required

    Yes, please can you post who won and what was rewarded? And was that last bag ever found?
  11. This is so true, the harvest skill is fine the way it is now and these harvesting and hauling changes are not needed.
  12. Your personal moment of glory

    Hmm... Mine would be the day when I was accepted into Knights of Solamnia. I will never forget that moment someone actualty cared about me for the first time, Trogov. #edit... typo
  13. Bringing animal nexus in it is crucial, thus making animal nexus more useful for certain purposes and bringing much needed spread of nexus desirability. 5000EMU was just an exaggerated example to show my point, I am well aware of actual restrictions. imho we shouldnt need more than 10 animal nexus.
  14. Why bring the animal nexus into this? And you can't have 5000 emu sence the cap was added we are limited to 960emu.
  15. Big PK event, great prizes, no A/D skill required

    Cool, Markusweck will be happy to hear this along with many others