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  1. Buying gc

    this, its a better deal as well. 100$ for 450k directly versus buying 25 rost's and selling at 30k each, which is 750k , or if you are buying 200$ worth its 1.5m if you sell em all or only sell 25 of them and save the rest for teh god's castle
  2. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    1. We have teleportation, 3 variations. a)Teleport to range, which is teleport a certain distance away, teleport to portals room, which is teleporting to the portals room of the continent you are on, c) Intercontinental Teleport to Portals Room, which tele's you to the other continents portal room, ie if you are on c1, you go to c2 portals and vice versa. 2) possible, but if you are fighting you would heal the enemy as well as it wouldn't beable to tell friendlies apart from enemeies, unless they implemented a party system, ie 5-6 player maximum party(instances ect.), and spell only affects those players within a certain radius, say 5-6 steps 3) absorb damage spell would be a bit unbalanced, as it would replace mirror skin, which alread reflects damage at a low % chance, and if it corresponded to level, higher level magic characters would easily dominate. So would be a no go on this one in my opinion.
  3. perhaps make a new weapon, it does more damage but requires reading a book and possibly need same human as great swords and cost about the same as great swords(it'd have like 1.5 damage of the average of greatswords, but have the obvious penalties of being less accurate(possibly -1 or -2 to accuracy and -4 to defense). and then make a lower level one, similar stats in comparison(lower damage, but not high enough to eclipse the lowest greatsword) with higher defense penalties(possibly none of this one) but require great sword human to wield this as well. this would cost ~1.5k-2k to make in materials im guessing, just to give a idea. @op, yes, i would like to see more two handed weapons, but i'd prefer to head to european designs and away from asian mmo's, while i dont mind asian mmo's, they are overused. i'd love to see a zweihander, english greatsword, and if we were to do asian an odachi(a very big sword, so large unable to wear from hip, basically a giant katana).
  4. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    favotires here are dragon lance series(i have the first edition of the first 3 of chronicles: Autumn Twilight, Winter night, Spring dawning), and the Farseer series was a great one as well. Then i cant remember the name of the other series i read, but it invovles a plot among demi-gods and mortals of conquering the continents and the blood of magic comes from one god(if it rings any bells say so, i cant find the books anymore, may have lost em)
  5. Whats the best way to make gc?

    a good way i did it was harv a ton of mums in arius(i generally harvest ~10k before stopping, so 2-3 hours worth at max), then go and harvest a big bag ol' silver in MM near the bots, harvest enough to make ~2-5k he's, now harvest double that, have someone haul it and split silver, while they are hauling, mine more silver and sell the excess to bots. Go to storage and mix. great way to make ~15k in not decent time, not best gc/h, but hell semi afk=win in this case. Figure he's sell for 8 a pop, even if you pay someone to haul silver for you, say you harvest 8k silver, thats 4k he's, you pay them 8kgc(1gc/silver) or 12k(1.5/silver), you have mums harvested, make ~3800 he's on a bad day(200 crit fails), sell 3800 he's @8 a pop, 26.4k, thats a 14.4k profit at 1.5/silver, now factor in say bones, which is 2/bone, takes ~2800 bones, so 5.6k, so 6.4k profit on this over a couple of hours. Now thats if you buy/pay for haul all but mums. If you train on mobs that drop bones/farm them its cheaper and more of a gc gain. Steel bars are also a great way to do them, takes longer as the ingredients weigh more, but a much higher payout if you harvest everything yourself.
  6. Male/female designators in name

    aye i agree with max and the few that are saying its a useless addition. Lots of names are both gender, hell some names people say are girls name are guys names and vice versa( aka Ari can be both, but Aure is a guys name which people call a girls name ;/)
  7. Experience books

    dont think it is ray, 10k/9(per ae)=1111.1 ae's, then 1111/6=185(md's). Now if you figure in 185*240(if you have max god) is equal to 44k xp*. This is more expensive i believe than mding is now. Correct me if my math is wrong. So ultimately this would be something that would be added for no reason imho. *This is assuming max god, with 4 rationality, xp with more rationality will be different
  8. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    1k diamonds please 3kgc
  9. Todays Invasion

    yep, maybe a bit less extreme on the nk male orcs. Was a bit insane that we had our entire screen filled with critters which caused us to resync like mad >.>. Very hard to dis and tele when you resync every few secs. Was fun for what little it lasted. I went to the tg one as well, much better imho. Nk was a bit to much, maybe a bit less critters next time other than that, from when i was on it was good. Just wish hadnt lost a rost to resync ;(. Maybe nextime space out locations a bit more. Ie maybe 2 maps for 60's, one multi with tougher critters, one single with silghtly weaker but throw a few toughies in. Biggest thing is as i've said, way to many, causing alot of resyncs and lag on such a tiny map . but anyway, a great lower one, atleast you did your best for us !
  10. Guild Merges

    guild merging does work, iron's merged with quite a few. one was gotl when we had a small but good guild. It does work out for the most part as long as the guilds are similar. It wont work if they have opposite rules/standards. We had merged with ~6 members who were still active at the time, atm there's 2 of us left in iron, 1 on the friendslist and another that left for personal reasons and the rest went inactive . It works for the most part, but it does take a bit of similarities inorder to happen.
  11. storage sale

    mmk, been awhile since i've looked at those prices :x. but may i buy 10 steel shield@400gc ?
  12. storage sale

    20k for steel cuisses or 30k for tit grieves, and 400gc for steel shield? *tell me which one you'll accept if any for the greaves/cuisses, waiting for payment before i can buy both@that price ;D
  13. E_mc2 lured me into pk and killed me

    Yea because most all people portray themselves in a manor like they do in real life over the internet [/sarcasm] ^^ what he said, i portray myself as a 4 foot tall dwarf ingame, does that mean im a 4 foot tall guy irl (im 5' 10" btw) and @nitto sorry, that really stinks ;(. reason always buy a rost, even if you do fork out 28kgc for it. I've lost ~6 rosts @16kgc for my col alone, do i think its worth it now? save your gc and buy a new one or try to cut a deal with e_m for it(doubtful) anyway, guys just because you know about a lurer doesnt mean that everyone does, hell i dont know most of the lurers anymore and zirink not warning of pk is still around... that was like that ~1 1/2 years ago and not fixed which is sad
  14. Selling some armor and weapons

    i can offer either 22k for either the cuisses or the greaves. either one but not both . steel cuisses or greaves that is hehe. or 30k for tit shield. tell me which one you'll accept and we'll have a deal edit: had to specify which greaves
  15. NPCs

    have to agree with Dilly, that games quest system was so much more organized. was easier to do quests. Im second collumn as well, as if i find a npc i dont recognize, i'll go chat it up though, with the quest system, one thing that bothers me is playing and doing the quests on multiple characters means i get all the chatlog and not just that characters one so i get confused very often.