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  1. being able to remote heal from OUTSIDE the arena

    kk, I haven't played for awhile (better half doing a bit of afk harving ) but at what point did DPA2 become the playground of 100+ a/d fighters? Stop your whinging LL and get with the program, you're a mod now, go to areas where you belong
  2. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    Proving that I'm the biggest loser around - 3 years entered, 3 years nothing lol!! But tbh, yet another great event hosted by Rydd and Co. Huge congrats to all the prize winners, but a bigger shout out to all the people dealing with diabetes who will be the ultimate winners (in no small part because of events like this)
  3. Selling Storage

    all beaver fur 500gc 2k rq - 4kgc
  4. Storage Sale

    all veg for 0.5 each
  5. Ubber Storage Sale.

    24 Padded Leather Armor (50gc each) 67 leather pants (50gc each)

    16 leather pants (50gc each) 15 padded leather torso (50 gc each) 27 VOTD rings (80gc each)
  7. Iirc, Radu said there would never be a potion of tailoring. Then again, maybe my Swiss cheese-like brain has just imagined him saying that in the past.
  8. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    Expecting to get flamed here, but... Not even sure if this is programmable or not, but possibly making books for each great sword, 2-handed weaps as a whole, fire/mag/etc swords, steel/tit/etc armours (not unlike the fighting books). If your opponent has not read the Orc Slayer book, for example, it would work with current stats, if s/he has then the 'bonus' multipliers kick-in. Makes it advantageous to read the books or you will get owned. They would have to be reasonably inexpensive (like 2kgc or w/e each) - nothing silly like 10k-100k. Could even have 1 or 2 as a yet-to-be-created quest reward (Pk quest?). But, a minor gc-sink none-the-less. Roleplay Having studied various weapons and armour, you know how better to defend against (weapons) or use better (armour)
  9. I doubt there are as many fluff trainers these days as there used to be - afaik, there are 6 spawns on C1 (I'm not counting TD or KF) and at least 15 on C2 - do we really need more?
  10. FeaR Flower shop

    10k rose quartz plx
  11. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    hehe, reasoning - diamonds - Melinis
  12. Storage Sale

    See previous post??
  13. FeaR Flower shop

    20k White asiatic lilly as well please
  14. storage cleaning

    I'll take 20k tree shrooms at 0.1 each if you're interested - no worries if you're not - they look nice stockpiling in sto - ask a certain mod
  15. Storage Sale

    I'll take the bones (for a friend) who may miss out on this
  16. bot owners...

    I could have sworn I posted here before, but oh well... Minerva - new owner XenaMT
  17. Guess the player name!

  18. Custom Clothing

    No, I don't use it. No, I didn't vote because I do know about it. I will never use it. There are plenty of tailored items in-game, hundreds of possible combinations. Why do we need more? I don't like the fact that anybody's whims can decide what they 'wear'. It would be an awful shame to have potential new player's first impressions of EL tainted by tasteless, amateurish, pornographic or otherwise offensive designs if the first glimpse they get is one of these screenshots. Although I respect that people want to have an original look and that undoubtedly a lot of hard work went into the establishment and operation of this 'service', I am of the opinion that nobody besides the game devs should profit off this and that any and all designs be submitted for approval from the head honchos. With the workload they already have, I can't see them racing to add to that, either. My 2 euro-cents
  19. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Vitality - sapphs - PV Instinct - dung - MM
  20. Auctioning 1000Pickaxes

  21. Summons & TS.

    I agree with robotbob, a balance to PK can only add to frustration but also greater satisfaction for PKers. However, everyone and their uncle's mage alt these days, with OA 50 or less reeking havoc with 120-dmg harms with only 30 mag lvl seems a bit silly, when others have 70, 80, 90+ mag lvl and cannot manage that unless they've dumped mass PPs into will/reason. A mage, imho, should be someone who's trained magic, not unlike a summoner/fighter/whatever who've worked their asses off to level and get strong. Rationality should be a very important factor in the strength of some (all?) spells, but the way I see it currently with harms, is way out-of-balance. Start newb alt, level a/d to 21, harv blue lupines until you can neg out and dump all PPs into w/r and buy a few k matter essies and SRs to burn in TD. Insta-pr0 mage with mag 30, easy - takes all of a few weeks.
  22. Guess the player name!

    you got it