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  1. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    In-game bid of 25kgc
  2. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    In-game bid of 24kgc
  3. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    in-game bid of 23kgc
  4. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    Another in-game bid of 22kgc
  5. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    In-game bid of 20kgc
  6. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    1k steel bars plx
  7. Lots of Auctions :)

    17k for titanium longs
  8. Selling some strorage slots

    3152 Ruby - 3gc each 9456gc total
  9. Small sto sell

    587 Vegetables - 300gc 1687 Rose Quartz - 3374gc 1 Enriched Water Essence - 2000gc 56 Deer Fur - 225gc 92 Beaver fur - 370gc 587 Bear Fur - 8805gc 2 Deer Antlers - 10gc 211 Wolf Fur - 850gc Total: 15934gc
  10. Selling stuff

    6420 Life Essence @ 4.5 each - PM me if you like
  11. small sto sale

    8 EWEs @ 2kgc each and the antlers if the above offer is not accepted
  12. Cleaning storage

    871 vegetables (0.5 / 436gc) 884 rose quartz (2 / 1768gc) 42 deer fur (5 / 210gc) 154 deer antlers (5 / 770) 40 wolf fur (4 / 160) 86 beaver fur (4 / 344) Total: 3688gc
  13. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    10k White Asiatic Lillies plx
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    meh, bet you're sick of these but... 30k toadstools if you plx
  15. Sign up for "almost PRO" instances

    I'm back in EL now - looking to finally do my first instance. Any other 120'ers out there feel like showing me the ropes and forming a team, respond here please
  16. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    Thanks for the fast service, I'd like to order 5k of iron
  17. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    10k sunflowers please
  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Well, waited almost 2 years before using this service since retiring.... but 30k toadstools 10k fruit 10k veggies obviously in batches at your convenience and absolutely no rush my old comrades-in-arms... Special Thanks to the best harvesting service in-game... I'm no good at harvesting :/
  19. Big Binding Sale

    I'll take 10 for 13.5k each if you accept
  20. Mini storage sale

    3249 sunflowers - 1625gc catch me in-game
  21. Selling a few things.

    Minerva buys EWEs for 2kgc each, if you haven't sold them already.
  22. Storage Sale

    8462 Lilacs 0.5 Each 4231gc 5006 White Asiatic Lilly 0.5 Each 2503gc 4531 Blue Lupines 0.5 Each 2265gc 2344 Sunflower 0.5 Each 1172gc 9830 Ruby 3 Each 29490gc 296 Sapphires 3 Each 888gc 208 Emerald 3 Each 624gc Total: 41173gc Catch me in-game
  23. CLEANING Some Storage Slots.

    I'll buy the tree mushrooms at 0.25 each (2750gc all up) since they are virtually worthless. Catch me in-game
  24. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    ...end of auction date? These things are kinda helpful for auction snipers, etc... (not me btw)