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  1. first game you ever played?

    I also first played Pong. I never owned an Atari 2600, but knew loads of ppl who did - spent silly amounts of time playing Combat, Pitfall, Pac-man, ET, etc I used to play Parsec on the Texas Instruments they had on display at the department store my mother worked at. I remember playing King's Quest as well (first RPG) at the local Radio Shack. My first console was the ColecoVision which was pr0. I had games like Donkey Kong and Jr, Popeye, Q*Bert, Zaxxon, Choplifter, Smurf, etc.
  2. Human Removal Stone

    Private offer of 460k
  3. Magic Removal Stone

    Starting bid: 480kgc No BIN price - increments of 5kgc or better please Auction ends 48hrs after last bid. I reserve the right not to sell, blah blah blah Tired of looking at this thing in storage Good luck
  4. Magic Removal Stone

    Auction closed
  5. EMU

    Well, since it's already necroed.... the higher the emu, the better for you - so many benefits from the emu boost. Having said that, as a true rounder you'll want to be training a/d as well - and having high p/c will be a serious hinderance until you get to cycs/lions or better (even then, high phys isn't wanted until desert chims or better). Best bet is to not beef up p/c (esp phys) until you've done some serious a/d levelling, then your PPs put there will be great for your training and for hauling. Trying to level ogres with high p/c is a nightmare (did it with an alt). My euro 2 cents...
  6. Good idea in theory, except the current st00f ain't necessarily cheap, up to 140gc/minute... few would call that cheap For a good time call 1-800-gc-sinks
  7. Magic Removal Stone

    private bid of 500k
  8. Selling storage

    973 Vegetables 0.5 - 487gc 426 fruit 0.5 - 213gc 3506 sunflower 0.5 - 1753gc 8723 Blue Quartz 1.8 - 15702gc total: 18155gc
  9. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    a binding removal? I'm unfamiliar with that one
  10. SALE ON NOW !

    I'll take the iron
  11. Some iteams and auctions

    93 Ring of Isla Prima - 5580gc also, 7 ice dragon scales - 28kgc edit: added scales
  12. Storage Cleaning

    Didn't realise this was an auction.... I'll offer 25.5k
  13. Storage Cleaning

    Life essences 24300gc
  14. auction for some essies

  15. New quests

    Hard quest done (and it was nasty): 100k harv exp And no, I won't help people start/finish it, so don't even bother typing me a PM... If it is not common knowledge (the starting point) by tomorrow (January 16th), I will mention it here and in channel 6.
  16. Repairable Dragon Armor

    would be nice to have something to do at higher manu levels besides poofing 20k leather helms for 1 level or endless s2es... obviously not something to level with, but still...
  17. Storage Sale

    Offer withdrawn - obviously, going straight to PM is the way to go - items I really wanted gone because I took the time to type
  18. Selling stuff

    I'll take the leopard furs - 1gc each and feran horns - 10gc each
  19. Agreed. Just think of all that prime bot real estate going to waste...
  20. One of the 2 rarest books in-game. Starting bid: 20k BIN price: 100kgc Increments of 1kgc or better please Auction end: 06/01 18:00 GMT I reserve the right not to sell yada yada yada Post offers here or catch me in-game. Happy Bidding
  21. BOOK of Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic

    Alright, kidberg wins the auction - which name is he playing under these days?? Catch me in-game...
  22. or you can check the Official site's ingredients page: http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm
  23. Lots of Auctions :)

    20.4k tit longs