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  1. Guess the player name!

  2. Guess the player name!

    hehe, good guess, but not correct
  3. Guess the player name!

    good try, but nope
  4. Guess the player name!

  5. Guess the player name!

    Will we get one that non-Americans could possibly guess?
  6. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Coord - silver - MM
  7. Find the new NPC contest

    So it's new or not?
  8. Math is all fine and well.... but meh Simply, if you're an OA exp whore slave, train A/D on a Scholar's. Other than that, especially if you're a more rounded char, it's best to train a skill that's much harder to level (like tailoring) - particularly those skills that don't have a dedicated special #day of their own. Scholar's used to be all about the MD sessions, but with Day of Magic....
  9. Nardo’s Birthday Bash…

    A big thank you to you Nardo for setting up such original and wonderful contests and for your overwhelming generosity in your prizes.... simply amazing
  10. Nardo’s Birthday Bash…

    You are in Isle of the Forgotten [66,95] 3 cactus
  11. Nardo’s Birthday Bash…

    You are in Trassian Caves - Saret's Cave. [327,55] 5 black roses
  12. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Physique - diamonds - Irin
  13. Woot its a birthday!

    C1 bag - You are in Isla Prima - The Woods [125,125]
  14. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Reasoning - sapphs - PV
  15. Pin Poll

    For a second, I thought you were talking about manu
  16. I Want to join a guild

    Found her avatar though - from Shaiya
  17. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Been a long time since I last updated the list... Instinct - mullein - PL Vitality - cotton PV Instinct - mullein - PL Human - tree mushies - PV Reasoning - white chanterelles - WS Physique - dung - TG Human - yarrow- TG Reasoning- turquoise - Arius Vegetal - white chanterelles - WS Animal - sunflowers - MM Reasoning - dung - TG Physique - wood branches - EVTR Physique - dung - EVTR Animal - diamonds - Irinveron Instinct - turquoise - Arius Coordination - turquoise - Arius Reasoning - dung - TG Vitality - white chanterelles - WS Vitality - dung - Mel Physique - dung - TG Vitality - red currants - PV Coordination - turquoise - Arius Instinct - diamonds - Irinveron Reasoning - dung - Mel Physique - dung - Mel Coordination - dung - a quiet place Coordination - diamonds - Mel Physique - silver - MM Vitality - diamonds - Mel Reasoning - coal - PV Vitality - sapphs - PV Instinct - dung - MM Reasoning - diamonds - Melinis and my latest 2 Vitality - dung - MM Instinct - sapphs - PV
  18. Storage Sale

    Don't really need the EDE, but I'll take the enriched essie package anyway
  19. Human Removal Stone

    Starting price 450k - 5kgc increments or better please No end date, auction will close 48 hours after last bid I reserve the right not to sell, blah blah blah
  20. Human Removal Stone

    Forgot to close the thread... auction over.... 505kgc was top bid.... grats to the winner
  21. Human Removal Stone

    Last few hours 505kgc still top bid
  22. Human Removal Stone

    had 2 private bids, one for 470 and 2 seconds later, one for 500kgc 500kgc top dog atm ATA another private bid of 505kgc