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  1. unban...

    ok,u ban me for 1month but back for 1month gc...ty and cya later(1month)
  2. unban...

    Oi,aislinn im write bacause my char"s smula and foxdenim was banned,I disrupted rules 5 i"m know and all right wuth some trest... I can do that u reset oa 116 im my char smula.. But pls back my char"s,and on rules i shall be in next time verry big RESPECT... TYVM..
  3. !

    ok,ban char phobia but unban char nalim with low A/D because char is my frien and not my....or unban pls only char breake
  4. !

    Oi Aislinn,im write about my ban,,u banned me 1year ago and it"t not idea.............can u now unbanme ...ty.
  5. Selling NMT cape

    im pay 370Kgc pm me in game SMULA
  6. plz unban me

    can here some people answer me? ThX.......
  7. plz unban me

    Give me last chance pls,,im think half yeah is long time and im know what im did,,,but now confess that with me will not none problem"s and sry for all problems ago....but now is with problms end... you must confide me.... when im made some problems ban"s me but now give me chance
  8. plz unban me

    Aislinn,i can"t play longer time im thing beyond half year,,,my char is now for as many time verry low Plz give me last chance and im evidences to you that i will out of only problems THX
  9. plz unban me

    Hi,im wrote bacause im nedd unban my char phobia,u ban me near long time and im have anought chastening,plz unban me now
  10. BAN :/

    I"don"t know how prave,nalim sometime play in him girl friend where sometime lives,or play at home,when will it happening i"m was in hollyday in my cousim,him el not play so that prave,but maybe can joskic,give me chance and i"m confess from my brother will not play
  11. BAN :/

    why mistmach me?I"m say FACT,plu unban my char ,i"l do anything you say,but back me plz char,ty...Phobia
  12. BAN :/

    I"m nothing stole,was in a hollyday in my cousin whe it happening,but for my char play sometime my brother NALIM,him have low char and when im in hollyday or can"t play him play for my char Phobia,,plz give my chance,,plz,plz,plz
  13. BAN :/

    Hello my name is PHOBIA,im write because my char have ban,,,please unbaned me ,im with verry much sorry for problems.Im confess,per alredy nothing catch me,eternal is for me everithing,plz give me still chance plz,plz,plz..............................