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  1. El Music!

    [Windows] To turn on the music you'll need go in to Program Files\Eternal Lands and find EL config.exe open it and go to the audio tab and check the box that says sound and music enabled [Linux] Linux ueser need To turn on the music you'll need go in to Program Files\Eternal Lands to go to el.ini scrolldown untill they find #nomusic=1 change 1 to 0 and save your music will work if doen't then let me know so I can give you more help
  2. What's A Guild?

    I believe the a guild is a group that teams up and build out in the long run as good friends.
  3. Sorry About That Last Update

    didn't worry we all did I lost a half days worth but nothing can be don't but to do it all again. Got to live betas
  4. Im Looking For A New Guild :|

    If you like to kill Come Join the Klingon Securty Force We go after PKers and all our equipment is sappulied for us. Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam.(Today is a good day to die) PWest
  5. We are the Klingon Security Force and we are PKKers we are going to be protecting guild like the Ferengi Traders and other non-PKing guilds We only kill PKers. If anyone that is will to join please go to our forums witch we share with the Ferengi Traders ksf.pwest.org We play with honor Pwest revenge is a dish best served cold.
  6. Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home!

    although I never play with you I find the harvist mod fun I like the radom changes of losing on the harvisting I make it interousing. I think you should take some time and then come back and start up with what needs to be done. P.S. I bet most of the once who complain are macro havisters.
  7. Wewt Attack Of The Killer Bees

    I've have 2 cavein, 50 bee stings and 100 transports, killed 4 axes, like 100 gold found and made like 4000 in harvist xp all in 2 hours. LOL
  8. Members Of A Guild

    I agree but it shold be put in to the subjestion secton.
  9. Taking Bags

    It maybe Legal but I would still stealing (grave robbing) and it's a very cheap way to play.
  10. Why Did I Get Banned?

    Ok thanks I'm in now.
  11. Why Did I Get Banned?

    it happens you can't tell but I will be changing over to a hub in a few months
  12. Why Did I Get Banned?

    Ok just tried to log in it still shows as banned
  13. Why Did I Get Banned?

    So am I unbanned?
  14. Why Did I Get Banned?

    sorry I wasn't