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  1. World Domination is a Serious Problem

    Yeah, I've heard similar comments. They really liked the first video I did (Youtube is a Serious Problem), but didn't feel the same for this one. They didn't dislike it, but they didn't find it nearly as likable as my first one. I think I'll go on to another programming project and stop with the videos for a while :-P lol, well anyway, keep in mind that it is just planned out acting (I didn't have a written script, but I had the whole thing planned in my head ahead of time). I have a **little** sanity. :-P I took a differnt approach with this one and it was longer. I apparently failed though. But oh well, I'll probably come with up with another idea one day. Either way, it was fun taking the footage and editing it. EDIT: You know, these "you need help" comments are starting to bug me. I find it kind of funny that when someone else goes beyond what their own comfort level is, they assume the person is nuts or actually like that and that "they need help" . If these comments are simply people joking around, then, fine LOL. But, it concerns me if people think that I actually "need help". >_> Sometimes it's fun to step a little outside of your comfort zone.
  2. World Domination is a Serious Problem

    What in the world is a double eyebrow? If you are referring to unibrow, I don't have one of those either. :S
  3. Windows vs Linux..

    As of today, I have everything that I have wanted working on my Vostro 1400 under Gentoo working (Hardware acceleration, dual monitors, built-in SD/MMC card slot, etc). The only thing that doesn't work is the built-in mic....which is rather annoying, but plugging in a mic works just fine. It took me a little under a year...however, a lot of it was me not having the time to read up and me simply waiting for updated drivers to come out with support for my hardware. ---------------------------------- Anyway, as for manufactures not caring. It does seem Dell is taking an interest in linux and that has been helping linux a fair ammoutn with some hardware. Also, I don't know the whole story, but Dell released some information about a SD/MMC controller to fix a problem where you could only read SD cards but not MMC cards (because their is actually a separte, unused, MMC controler when the SD controller can handle MMC cards just fine). I actually ran into that issue today, and solved it fairly quickly. Linux support is deffinately getting here and I will say I am very happy with my linux desktop. I especially love gentoo where things work just how I want them. I have a sort of windows-mac hybrid with KDE (I mainly make use of a mac-style bar at the top of my screen, but also have my taskbar at the bottom with the normal menus), I have an anime themed boot-up and shutdown screens that "I" created (really, I just modified a cool background a little...), differnt backgrouds on every desktop that change every 5 minutes (I love that feature...and..you can't do it on windows without third-party software). Oh, and I like the commands I have set up to switch windows between multiple desktops by pressing Win+Alt+arrow keys or to switch between desktops by pressing Win+arrowkey Just having all that control to customize my experience is really cool...and I can do it with not too much hassle (a lot of that has to do with KDE though, not gentoo :-P...but, when gentoo, I only have the junk I want installed instead of all of KDE or parts of KDE I don't need/want). ------------------------------ On the other hand, there are people who don't really care or wnat that kind of flexibility and from what I have heard ubuntu/gnome do a great job of that too. Windows seems to be in the middle of things, and I think in these two regards, linux really wins. On my laptop (I use windows on my "main computer" because 80% of it isen't mine, and I'll be goign to college soon anyway...plus, my laptop is signigantly better than my main computer) the only time I really boot into windows now is to play Playstation games with epsxe. Unfortunately, that's really only because I'm having trouble getting the 32-bit versions of any PS emulator running with crashing my whole system when it tries to use a little 3D acceleration (other 64-bit 3D aps work just fine without crashing my system though...either way, I am running beta/alpha drivers). EDIT: Hmm, I just managed to crash gentoo playing Eternal Lands by changing the volume (though, from what happened, I can safely say it was related to the graphics drivers). Either way...that's beta for you. Regardless, I'm not that big on games anyway.
  4. Windows vs Linux..

    I don't remember having to touch vim in slackware at all. Nano (or actually it was pico at the time) worked just fine. At one point in time I could use vim...but, I guess, I just never liked it, but I didn't give it much of a chance either. As for what I use, I run Gentoo Linux on my laptop. This may seem strange to some, but I like how easy it is to install software on gentoo (generally). emerge packagename and you are done. On top of that, I have the flexibility to really choose what I want on my system and am completely in control. On the other hand, I find it funny how the original post talked about how easy the driver issues were >_> It took a lot (if I knew what I knew now, it would have just involved adding a few lines to /etc/portage/packages.keywords, but whatever...) of effort to get any hardware acceleration on my laptop and to do it I am running a bunch of beta software. Though, there is also some relatively new hardware in my laptop also :S
  5. World Domination is a Serious Problem

    Well, I accidentally posted this in the general discussion forum thinking it was the off topic forum and it looks like someone deleted it (It would have been really nice if it was moved, as I don't have a copy of what I wrote...if for some reason I'm not allowed to post this, then go ahead and delete this also, though a PM would be nice). Anyway, I apologize for doing that and it was very stupid on my part. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, some of you may remember when I posted about my first youtube video, Youtube is a serious Problem. Well, months later I decided to do another one: World Domination is a Serious Problem....for you!!! This time with more professional editing, less slap-stick comedy, and better acting (in my opinion). You can check it out at . Any comments, negative or positive, would be interesting and or ammusing. I'm debating whether to continue this series and or do some other things to waste my time, so, that may factor into my decision. There were a few other things I mentioned in my other post, but now I want to go out inline skating, so I'll add them later (unless a mod has a copy of my post, please replace it with this one....I'd be very happy :-P). EDIT1: One of the interesting things about this video was that it was done completely with open source software (except for my usage of Adobe Photoshop.....I love it too much, just not enough to pay for the upgrade to CS2 yet....7.0 is fine for me anyway). I used cinnerella for the video editing (awesome advanced video editing programing) and did everything on gentoo linux.
  6. Help me name my cat!

    Aelita ....though, I will regret telling you my favorite female name if you name the sinister creature known as "cat" the wonderfull godly name of Aelita.... :-P
  7. Desktop Pics!

    Well, my windows desktop is really just a huge mess of icons....to the point of absurdity. Most likly it will never be cleaned up though because my main computer is only about 30% mine (meaning, I own about 30% of what's in it), it's slow and dosen't have enough RAM, and I love my laptop running Gentoo to the ends of the earth. :-) So, here is my laptop running Gentoo Linux using KDE. I have a sort of half-mac like setup (but unlike mac, it's not a pain switching between windows and keeping track of what's a running window and what's a program! oh, and the multiple desktops are wonderful of course. :-) ). The wallpapers for my four desktop and my login screen are all drawings by Range Murata that were modified by others to have a really awesome background.
  8. Buying Individual Roses Online?

    This is probably not the *best* place to ask, but it is a forum that i've been on for quite a while, so I figured i'd try here...plus, misc. hasn't been getting too many posts it seems :-P I have been looking online for some place that sells individual roses online in small quantities that aren't in any sort of arrangement and don't come with anything extra..just the roses. I've found places that sell roses like that, but you have to buy like a hundred. After over an hour of searching, i've had no luck and I have a feeling any of the florists in town won't sell roses like that, but I haven't asked any of them yet either. As for what I'm looking for, I'm looking to get 2 yellow roses and 1 Yellow rose with a red tip. I was going to use those three roses to make my own arrangement/presentation. Anyways, if anyone knows anywhere that sells roses like this that isn't ridiculously expensive, I'd appreciate it (for in the US).
  9. YouTube is a SERIOUS Problem!

    Yummy tasty Peanut Butter ^^
  10. How fast r y00?

    This is my DSL connection from the only place I have to choose from in my area, excluding dial up or Satelite (cable isn't an option.) AHRKHRHSSKJSDKDFJ! Oddly enough, I had a higher download speed from this server...
  11. You tube videos

    ....wow....I have a better solution. 1. Get youtube url 2. Go to http://vixy.net/ 3. Paste URL into handy dandy text box 4. Press start 5. grab ipod. 6. plug in ipod. 7. open itunes or some other random program that does what you want. 8. wait for it to sync. 9. Wait for ipod to say it is alive. 10. Unplug Ipod. 11. Go to videos 12. Go to wherever you have video. 13. Press little circly button. 14. wait a second. 15. plug in your headphones beofre the video starts! 16. turn up the volume a little. 17. Watch and enjoy. Even though my way has 17 steps, I'm sure people would agree that http://vixy.net/ is a much better choice than your way. :-)
  12. YouTube is a SERIOUS Problem!

    Actually, the "Numa Numa Song" (I don't remember the real name) has been quite popular in some places...and not because of the original "Numa Numa" dance. However, it's kind of funny because the actual translated lyrics are the stupidest lryics you could possibly imagine....they barely make much sense (I'll have to dig them up maybe...I'm pretty sure the source I found the lyrics on are probally one of the more accurate sources, being a romanian translation notes and the translation was accompanied by extensive notes bout the lyrics). If anyone cares to look for it, it was on yahoo group. EDIT: By the way, I actually have a video of me doing the full Numa Numa dance....I recorded myself a while back because I was going to do it for a Lip Sync Contest. What you see in my video on youtube are only parts of the whole video ^^
  13. YouTube is a SERIOUS Problem!

    It definitely makes you wonder at least.
  14. YouTube is a SERIOUS Problem!

    Well, I made a video a few days ago because I was bored and felt like spending my whole day making a silly video for youTube. After showing it to a number of friends and random other people I thought I might as well share it on EL because maybe some people who actually know me here (if they haven't already left) are curiouse how I look. Anyways, I present to you guys, "Youtube is a SERIOUS Problem" and I'm sure after watching this you will agree -- . Enjoy. :-)
  15. Post pics of your Room!

    Yay, I was worried no one else would actually post some pictures :S Anyways, I really like Steven the Server ^^ Green day should just die though.....