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  1. I agree the quantity system is annoying, but i have no solutions cos' i don't know enough about coding (yet... :twisted: )
  2. Again..... prices

    I'd have to agree if this is true, the price and exp. for manufactured items should be proportional to each other. To be honest, except for lower lvl armours and weapons, i don't think u should be able to buy them from shops. That way we have more player interaction and bargaining :wink:
  3. Underworld.....

    I like this idea to an extent, but i'd rather use it so if anyone randomly wanders into a much higher lvl hostile monster (and gets blattered) then they may go to heaven instead and the price of death is less harsh. I'm not sure how u might do this (maybe if the monster attacks u, as apposed to vice versa, but this'd get confusing when fighting hostiles).
  4. Interesting (perhaps) lavatory observation

    Fred- u should read Dilbert
  5. anime

    'The Mystery of the Necronomicon' and 'Ninja Scrolls'. I want to see some more 'Devilman'.
  6. Good point- it was just convenient for him then
  7. Grass Tiles

    This might be a really stupid question: Is there actually any difference between the many grass tiles in the editor?
  8. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    This could be Eastenders....
  9. You blatently only made this topic so u could put that pic up....
  10. ~* More Spawns *~

    I don't think the game should be made easier, i just think there's a difference between a game being 'hard' and walking around for hours and not finding anything cos' they're all already dead.
  11. Materials

    You could also have certain materials being more effective against certain creatures, like silver, for example, is usually used to kill unholy things (ie: undead). While some would just have its own charateristics for To Hit, Def., Att, etc... These in turn would be modified by the characteristics of the specific weapon or armour you were making it into.
  12. ~* More Spawns *~

    I agree. If some animals could roam in packs it would be quite cool as well.
  13. Put some fear back into the Underworld

    If the underworld extended to the south (with exit in the north), u could have harder demons the further down u went. And the higher lvl u are the further soutrh u appear when u die.
  14. Materials

    If anyone is familiar with the game 'Vagrant story' by Squaresoft for the ps1 they will know what i mean by this. Basically each material has its own properties, strengths, weakness, etc.. So if we could make any object out of most materials it gives lots more variety in armour/weapons. Better materials you might only be able to work at higher manufacturing lvls. eg) rabbit and beaver furs u can work at the starter lvls. eg2) u could make ur armor totally of rabbit fur if u wanted (it'd be rubbish, but u could do it). This would also mean that lower lvls don't have to make hundreds of pairs of fur gloves to up their manufacturing. -Bluedragon
  15. Deus Ex

    Anyone here ever played Deus Ex? :?: