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  1. Eternal Lands PK Event

    sounds fun to me,lets just not make it a lame one,make sure it is well planned and prizes worth the effort
  2. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    ok i will speak my peace on the subject,i was not gonna get into all of this,but all i can say is,he claims him and his brother made some proggy to make a game up,(heresay to me),i nvr once saw it or anything,and also ur not smarter than me and ur mom,we r not banned for stupid shit,i warned drtyd to leave well enough alone,but im sure he was not sending u a trojon radu,tbh i don't think he knows how to.i just wanted to post my opinnion is all thanks
  3. Banned

    ok,its been awhile and maybe i should not have said some things i said and im sorry for that,just thought i would man up and say im sorry ais,u never been out the way with me,i was just upset with tthe outcome of u thinking we lie about the reason for the ban of who was on the char at the time well anyway cya around and sorry about my smartass comment
  4. Banned

    well it figures complain about her talkin for me,but when i post u have nothing to say,as far as im concerned u can play all mrs high and mighty about the drty char all u want.this dam game with u sayin wats wat is so unfair and stupid ban my new char mrs's char and our ip as far as we r concerned,u jus lucky respectable people read these posts,or i would say wat i really think about ur high falooting ass.and perfect world is a much better game noone playin god and stupid stuff like that cya!!!!
  5. Banned

    and one more thing mrs was not lyin about her 2 sons,they are hellians and in jail,but anyways can u delete that char so i can get my DrtySouth name back atleast ?
  6. Banned

    Hi aislinn it is no big deal,i just wanted my old char back is all no hard feelins on both sides i hope,and this is DrtySouth not mrs but anyways sorry for everything cya around thnx
  7. Mortos Challenge

    i think it is a great idea,i think L.A. can come up with 4 people,looking forward to it
  8. The Greatest EL Player

    well i c 3 peeps in my book and sure a few more,but top 3 i say mufossa a hardcore a/d trainer and fair person,2nd luci who dont give a f*** about anything ands is hardcore to the fullest,3rd my brother baddude the hardest a/d trainer ever even though he does not pk ever he is pro to the fullest
  9. Gods of Eternal Lands

    me personaly i think most all skills ingame should have a god active ingame
  10. Is this fair?

    Hmmm,well is a sad thing,u did not know but it happens to all at one point,i own a map and bot in votd it rox
  11. _dracul_

    sure spleen i dont care wat anyone posts about me,maybe the difference between me and u,i have proof no matter u or anyone can accuse me of watever,i dont care if i was not doing it i would say so either way i never lie or post,was my very first post on outlaws,so i say i had a good reason.now i will post logs to prove and BTW i see no post from _dracul_ taking up for himself,well im donr now im drunk and dont want to bother about this,i will post logs and be finsihed with it TYVM ^^
  12. _dracul_

    sure u want proof i have,will post logs,gimme a few to get them together
  13. _dracul_

    ok Drac u wanted to tell me to stfu and such,so here i posted on ur ass,now u better take the warning,stealing other players bags maybe legal for e-l but not for my guild u started it,now imma finish it
  14. =Hc=

    Rofl! Godd to see some old =hc= coming bk and might make pk fun again,hm who in this guild bought a char plz tell?