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  1. Forge Of Souls shall be burning once more.....in time.....

    rebooted was in soul? hmm...........i know we had alot, but many are inactive, and i only posted the ones i knew really while i was active......remember i went inactive for quite a while
  2. Hello Oldbies

    hey, i think i remember you........
  3. Forge Of Souls shall be burning once more.....in time.....

    yeah, sorry for forgetting you shadow, but i posted in your thread in here after i created this one..... im guessing you didnt read it? now, for all you bitches, stop spamming my thread up, yoshi's meh bitch ;P
  4. total wootage xD

    hmm, i dont like the hardware on that one.... what kind of stuff do you play? what songs you know? btw what color did you get it in?
  5. Rp at...

    wish i could be on......damn messed up internet connection.....i wanna see the new isla prima.....get me a screenie
  6. need a guild?

    hey shadow, you were in soul, when we get it fixed up, if ever, you are welcome in....
  7. Forge Of Souls shall be burning once more.....in time.....

    lmao, whatever, isnt he gone? i thought he quit or took a break or sumthin
  8. all the previous members in forge of souls, known as soul to many, please pm me if you are interested in rejoining.....no new members at this time...it seems figgy isnt getting the job done on creating it, at least not since ive been in game, my internet has been slow due to storms the past few days (highest connection ive got since is 19 kps or sumthin) so hopefullly ill be back in game soon, its gonna be a bitch to download the upadate....heh, 30 mins for 1.7 megs.... Simma, GloryFades, Yoshi(dont think your gonna rejoin...),CrusadingKnight(yes i know you said you couldnt), Rya_shazzam(now in Elder i beileve), fig, and annraoi...........you all are welcome to the guild whenever we get it created.......please let me know if its already created since my connection probems >.<
  9. Recruiting for the Great War

    i think thats about the time the guild started breaking up...alot left...... btw has legends been on since?
  10. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    lmao hey blitzo, if i had a s/n called thentherenow would you think im ent? th-ent-here-now lol yup this is teh halarious shit.........ents the worst mod.......yep cause he's the best administrator and game desiginer
  11. guitar

    check out samash.com ..................i like to go there and look, but i tend to drool............ i like the prs tremonti SE but i heard that Gibson filed a lawsuit and they had to stop making thier guitars that have a resemblance to the lespaul or sumthin..... right now im stuck with a shitty squier strat......but im gonna work on this custom guitar my dad and his friend made and try to get that fuckin ground wire fixed.................... if your not beginner, and not wanting to buy a too high priced guitar, go with epiphone, and some fenders, gibson is way out of my range to say the least :shock:
  12. problems with fullscreen

    i have xp and it works better in fullscreen for me :shock: graphics anyways, no problems such as yours, i dont think i have any sp's either......
  13. Player Stats

    damn, figured out my plan...... :x
  14. What kind of guitar to do prefer? Fender Vs Ibanez

    id kill for a gibson.... asfor fenders vs ibanez, id have to say fender..... fenders have no style or sound? ever heard jimi hendrix? i dont think he played a ibanez stratocaster.....fender baby! as for now i have a squier strat and a custom guitar my dad and his friend built, an ibanez performance acoustic, a fender dobro, and the acoustic ibanez has a tuner broken, and the custom has some fucked up wiring since i painted it....gotta fix the ground.....
  15. No best weapon!?

    elf warhammers? i would think hammers and axes go in dwarf territory....and staffs and bows go to the elves....and humans would be swordbearers of the bunch... thats if youre talking about the race thingymabob..... i think it would be more fair at this point, unless an option to change races occurs, to just do stat lvl benefits on certain items......maybe make it random that a ice damage sword occurs (when cold stuff is implemented) and fur cloaks and hats (aka the soviet union/russia outfit) makes a comback in the market besides the noobs! or it could just increase the damage.........