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  1. Spikebigpapa banned for foul language in presence of mod

    You should've just gracefully taken the offered unbanning, and spent a lot more time learning about the game before embarking on a crusade. Another supplicant with a challenged intellect. lmfao!!! This is the gift that keeps on giving. The "brilliant" intellect illustrates said brilliance by ignoring the crystal arguments of dear korrode's razor, and resorts to the ad hominum echo of his own inferiorities. It's impressive that you managed to read 2 psych textbooks and a dictionary. Bravo....idiot. phaedo
  2. Gods of Eternal Lands

    yes, gods.
  3. Antisocial Removal Stone

    This Item has been sold. fr_
  4. Antisocial Removal Stone

    FYI: Starting price >= 100kgc.
  5. Antisocial Removal Stone

    I'm selling an antisocial removal stone. Please pm my alt (phaedo) in game with an offer. I'll be taking offers for a few days. fr_ Starting bid >=100kgc Or you can buy it at LionsGuild (in Trassian) for 250kgc