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  1. Banned?

    good idea then i wouldnt of seen the name elsmells
  2. I Got Banned And I Don't Know Why?...

    Y is your name garfeild_III that makes me think that you are the same as garfeild I and garfeild II who i have meet before and have been anyoed with both of them annoying me by trading and shouting at me in english
  3. Y Did I Get Banned?

    is that your el name and shouldnt you say what he said
  4. Mercury

    i dont know if this is already on its way but we need 1
  5. ~Ox~

    we are looking for dwarven people who have at least 1 stat over 25 and are active
  6. Needs a guild?

    hi m8 if u r a dwarf y not join ox?
  7. Used steel 2e storage bug

    lol i got it 2 and u say it not bug?
  8. Confusingly Banned.

    lol yea My advice is move or go beat up the guy
  9. jjk

    hes keeps using the bug
  10. negtive amount in Bag

    im destroying any bug bags i find
  11. pk everywhere!

    yea tht would work
  12. Little European Tour

    lol 8) :<) 3
  13. 2nd Quest can someone help?

    or higher afew body gaurds
  14. Little European Tour

    only heard?
  15. 2nd Quest can someone help?

    or get mm perk