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  1. Buying 8k HEs :)

  2. Physical Removal Stone

    20kgcs HeLL
  3. Hello, i'm buying 3 Coord Removal Stones for 13kgcs each. Pm me ingame or here, ty HeLL
  4. 14k for coord removal HeLL
  5. Mines, and a new perk

    I'll suggest 8 or 10pps for that perk, and 15kgcs to take it
  6. Selling Training Arrows

    SOLD, thanks
  7. Selling Training Arrows

    Hey, i'm selling 2,6k Training Arrows for 9gcs each Pm me in game or here HeLL
  8. Buying 30k Sapphires!

    Hey, i'm looking to buy 30k Sapphires for 90kgcs (3gcs each) Pm me in-game or here. HeLL
  9. 10k gypsum

  10. Selling NMT Cloak!

    I'm accepting only GCs, sorry ;/
  11. Selling NMT Cloak!

    Hey all, i'm selling a NMT Cloak for 390kgcs Pm me in-game or here if you want. HeLL
  12. Hey! I'm selling : 2 Steel Greaves = 25kgcs each 1 Titanium Cuisses = 42kgcs 1 Titanium Shield = 27kgcs *All HEs and AEs already sold* Pm me ingame, or post here HeLL
  13. Selling Silver Ores (Big Quantity!)

    Ok Zenial, for 200kgcs you'll have all my 100k silver ores Meet me in game
  14. Hey, i'm selling 100k Silver Ores for 2gcs each, pm me in-game or here if you want to buy ores :> HeLL...
  15. saltpeter for sale

    I'll buy all Air Essences, pm me ingame HeLL...