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  1. What's on your mind? :)

  2. "Rule 5: One Rule to rule them all, One Rule to find them..One Rule to catch them all and in the darkness, BAN them!"

  3. If you are interested in Custom Clothing, please check out my workspace at: http://genx.forumup.us use 'tester' as login/password and go to the Custom Clothing section. Read the guidelines and the pricing. If you are satisfied, please follow the instructions on how to order one :)

  4. For some samples, please check out the Gallery link above in this section :)

    View my complete works at my workspace :)

  5. Eternal Lands should be renamed to Eternal Flames >.<

    1. chr0nik


      Nah, Eternal Flames is just a mini game in EL ;)

    2. DibClark