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  1. Son got my ip banned

    My son aparantly did something wrong, broke a rule and got our ip banned. therefore i can not play el myself even. he says his character name was bullant_queen, WILDERNESS66, Brun0mama,Lovevshate, and my character flowerchild. omg i didnt even know he had so many characters! im so sorry! However, he has been permanently banned from playing this game. You will not have any more problems with him i garantee it. Please unban my ip.

    no joke at all, you want it that bad you pay for it, otherwise ill keep it for myself, simple as that. please dont use this post as a place to argue, if you dont like my prices then do your shopping elsewhere. ty.

    HARVESTABLES FOR SALE!! SORRY ALL SOLD OUT! LOOK FOR OUR NEXT BIG SALE! TY EVERYONE 20K sunflowers @ 0.5gc each SOLD 10k red rose @0.5gc each SOLD 12k blue lupine @ 0.5gc each SOLD 20k blue star flower @ 0.5gc each SOLD 20k chrysanthemum @ 0.5gc each SOLD 15k white asiatic lilly @0.5gc each SOLD 10k red snapdragns @0.5gc each SOLD 2.5k valerian @0.6 gc each SOLD 4.5k rue @ 1gc each SOLD 4k yarrow @1.5gc each SOLD 10k black roses @0.5gc each SOLD 3k poison ivy @0.5 gc each SOLD 800 nightshade @1gc each SOLD 1k mullien @1gc each SOLD 900 dandilion @0.5 gc each SOLD 10k cotton @ 1.5gc each SOLD 10k tigerlilly @ 0.5gc each SOLD 10k impatience @0.5gc each SOLD 10k lilac @0.5gc each SOLD 1.5k mugwort @1.5gc each SOLD 10k swamp candles @0.6gc eachSOLD 6k emeralds @ 3gc each SOLD 800 ruby @ 3gc each SOLD 400 diamond@ 3 gc each SOLD 300 saphire @3gc each SOLD
  4. Harvesting Sale!

  5. Graphics Issues

    ummmm me too..lol http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa227/g...os/elweird3.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa227/g...os/elweird2.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa227/g...os/elweird4.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa227/g...os/elweird5.jpg
  6. Signature & Avatar Sets

    may i have a set please? pm me in game.
  7. Looking for a guild

    thankyou stricken, however ive had an invite to join another guild that i was in before, and quite frankly i miss the people there, very good people, never cause trouble, just what im looking for. but tks again for the invite.
  8. Harvestables for sale!

    ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD! 5k branches-0.5gc each (2.5k all) SOLD 1k swamp candles-0.5gc each (500gc all) SOLD 3k white asiatic lilly-0.5gc each (1.5k all)SOLD 1k ogre toes-1.5gc each (1.5k all)SOLD 5k mums-0.5gc each (2.5k all)SOLD 10k blue star flower-0.5gc each (5k all)SOLD 2k mugwort-1gc each (2k all)SOLD 5k sunflower-0.5gc each (2.5k all)SOLD 1k toadstool-1gc each (1k all)SOLD 1k gold ore-2gc each (2k all)SOLD 1k rubies-3gc each (3k all)SOLD 1k rose quartz-1gc each (1k all)SOLD 3k sulphur-1.5gc each (4.5k all)SOLD 130 gypsum-8gc each (1040gc all)SOLD 3k diamond-3gc each (9k all)SOLD Other stuff: 3k maigic ess-7gc each (21k all)SOLD 3k fire ess-3.5gc each (4.5k all)SOLD 20 polished diamond-35gc each (700gc all)SOLD 23 polished emerald-14gc each (322gc all)SOLD 68 iron bar-30gc each (2040gc all)SOLD 8 matter conglomerate-700gc each (5600gc all)SOLD Interested buyers pls post here, (no pms!)you will be answered in order of post. If you are not available at the time I pm you, the next interested party will be contacted. (I am not online during the weekends) I TAKE HARVESTING ORDERS! this post will be edited as items are sold or added to.
  9. Looking for a guild

    Found a great guild tks everyone for pming me with your interest in lettin me join all your wonderful guilds!
  10. Looking for a guild

    Hi Im looking to join a guild that is active, friendly and adult. Below are my stats, pm me in game if you are a fun guild looking for a new member! att - 21 def-19 har-50 alc-39 mag-20 pot-12 sum-0 man-10 cra-19 eng-9 As you can see im not much into fighting, i am big on harvesting and i am willing to harvest for a discount for the right guild. I enjoy harvesting/mixing parties and I also work on alc alot.
  11. Looking For A Guild

    Awww too bad, If you cant be bothered to post your skills and info, I cant be bothered to recruit you. how sad.
  12. H2O Now Recruiting!

    114k silver isnt boring at all to me!
  13. H2O Now Recruiting!

  14. H2O Now Recruiting!