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  1. Selling

    3000 Steel Bars - 60gc 10000 Magic Essence - 6,5gc 10000 Health Essence -8.5gc 10000 Air Essence - 9gc 10000 Life Essence - 5,2gc Tupac in game
  2. Aucion Magic Removal Stone

    Auction over Amar contact me in game
  3. Auction Magic Removal Stone Start bid 800k Buy it now: 950k from my bot Aurela Tupac in game
  4. Selling

    Selling 10000 Magic Essence - 6,5gc 1 Orc Slayer - 40kgc Tupac in game
  5. IP banned

    excuse but what i can know about: altente, patrykwielki, dragon_, Genonefa , Patrykwielk, patryk,patrykwielki ,postal_,Szere, ralmod , zlamas,grzmot,mefajstos etc etc .. I didnt created em ! what proof u need to whiteliste me or unbann ?
  6. IP banned

    Ehh Like i said before , herount me and agnieszka have the same ip(thesame internet provider-we are using anthena to connect not a cable , its popular in poland ...) - i written here the chars what i was loggin into , others i suposse belong to herount or agnieszka .Now is clear ?
  7. IP banned

    Hmm i trying to be patient .. but im waiting like 1 week even a lil more and no anserw ?? smth is not clearly ? Whats going on ?
  8. IP banned

    mefo is my alt - i created him when i was banned year ago smth like that ?? i wasnt trading with him. Aurela -my bot , i own she.Thats all . I logged on Showdown ( kaito ) to change pass coz kait have probs with connection ( he was waiting for proxy ). Thats all what i can say here ?
  9. IP banned

    Hi ,i have banned ip - why ? agnieszka me (mefisto) and herount have thesame ip - agnieszka created char radu2 and she has been locked ( also me and herount). Can anyone help me please
  10. Storage for sale

    i buying steel longs 2,4k for all
  11. Book auction/selling

    380k for NMT
  12. Banned SagarmathA

    Hey, I write in name of my friend SagarmathA Hi, i want to apologize for what i have done. I wrote to Radu via PM about bug. I did not know that it was forbidden. Now i know that i should write it on forum, and i will do it next time. Sorry for that and please unban me
  13. selling more stuff

    hey, i will buy halberd Mefisto in game
  14. selling some stuff

    35k for halberd
  15. selling some stuff

    30k for halberd