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  1. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    I've got 3 at the moment, all personal use. When I'm wearing my good stuff, training, and occassionally invasions.
  2. Animal stone / Thermal swords book

    I'll start 60k on thermal book
  3. Mini Harv Events

    Before going further, I just wanted to say this: I am not critisizing, complaining, or otherwise, just stating my reasons for this thought... Well, I'm not saying make the real "rares" more common, I'm just referring to things like iron broads, steel longs, unicorn meds, leather armor, etc... (currently when training I'm on Fem Orcs), things that middle levels can sell for gc. I'll admit to doing a lot of harv'ing of titanium ore so I can get gc at the npc, but that's so I can go and buy things (typically from other npcs). Right now, I'm in major need of pofs. When I buy, I typically go far large quantities, and from my experience, spending some time harv'ing titanium is quicker than a/d training on fem orcs for getting the same amount of gc. Also: I don't have spare $$$ to spend (I apologize Radu, otherwise I'd be buying some bricks...), so a lot of the options involving P2P, buying gear from EL Store, etc, don't help me much. And as a parting thought, I do appreciate the changes Radu/Ent has made, while some of them I do not completely understand the reason, most of the changes have helped in some manner. And I also appreciate the time and effort it take to make a game like this, and I would hate to see anything happen because of the few "rotten apples" that exploit things like this.
  4. Mini Harv Events

    Along with this Sqwurl's idea is some of the rare drops, while I'm not talking about the rare drops like the 3 special sword books, but things like the weapons, armors, etc can be increased a little since these items could be sold to npcs or players as well. I am also not talking about major increases, but if the chance of item is something like 1/100, maybe make it 5/100 or something.
  5. Small Sale

    I'll pay 15k for the Ice Sword book
  6. Book of Special Sword

    I'll do first bid. 20k