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  1. Warning

    The bug is fixed, and has been for some time already. Though I never managed to take more than a few coins on the buggy code after I got the word of it, someone could have taken more I think. This happened on late 3.0 betas. The latest versions do not have this, and were tested (also by LotN guys) specifically against that bug and have not shown any sign of problems. I am sorry this happened. It was looked at imediately after reported and should be fixed now. @Learner: None of the bot users or owners have told me anything about that and it can't be reproduced it on any of the bots currently running on server.
  2. Angelfire banned (not herself)

    Anwering your question, from my part: She gave me her password because she was having trouble lagging and asked me to move her somewhere safe. And this is something you can check with her. And also with WolfWitch AND rauch (if I'm not mistaken) because they both tried to help her that day. She asked me to move her somewhere less laggy where she could at least chat, so I moved her char from IP near the beam to inside the castle, still in Isla Prima. I tried to log on her char today after I heard of a possible passowrd theft. If someone wanted to steal the char, they would have changed the password. If they only wanted to cause trouble, they wouldn't bother (which seems to be the case). I also tried the cursewords someone fired at me from her MSN account and that were said on the channel, Apparently, that is the only english he could summon. Though it seems she changed her password after I moved her to a less laggy place. EDIT: I couldn't log in because rauch had blocked the account. I stopped right after I was told about that.
  3. Yes, you were right! After some headache trying to make NVIDIA drivers go along with new, Xen-supportive kernels, I could make it all work (using a beta). Works fine, AND the bug is gone. Performance still drops while showing the 3D world, but it is within the justifiable/acceptable limit. Ty blueap. Krones
  4. I don't think it's that easy I have many modules compiled for this kernel (read VMware and other stuff) Maybe keeping the bug is safer... Weird it only happens with EL though
  5. Attribute 'NvidiaDriverVersion' (krones:0.0): 173.14.09 Linux krones 2.6.22-3-k7 #1 SMP lol will I have to update my kernel?
  6. I was running version 169, which is quite recent. I've updated it to 173. It is better now, the freezing happens less frequently but it is still there, when opening new windows/apps over EL's window when it's showing 3D.
  7. Object goes missing from storage

    Short version: She had two CoL's, one she was wearing and another she had in inv. She put one in sto, together with other things she found on a DB. She waited for the owner of the DB to come back. She traded the guy, but the CoL wasn't in sto anymore. So she took out the one she was wearing and gave it to the DB owner, but couldn't find the CoL that was in sto. It has also happened before, when she put a CoM on storage and it wasn't there when she looked for it later. She logged off and on again and the CoM was back in sto.
  8. Description: I've had this since 1.5 and I hoped it would be worked out on later versions. EL is dropping general computer performace considerably when its window is out of focus (doesn't have kb/mouse input). If I am playing EL and I open an internet browser for example, the whole system freezes for some time (or at least the screen does, background tasks seem not to be affected). The freezing happens every time something obtains focus (changing windows, opening dialog boxes/help boxes and such), and it only happens when EL is open and displaying the 3D world, it doesn't happen on console mode or map. What I have figured already: It doesn't seem to be related to the window manager or even to the version of the X server. I have tried with other WM's and have updated X a few times already. Disabling Eyecandy, changing resolution and on doesn't seem to have any effect on the issue at all. EL seems to have CPU consumption spikes in this specific situation, and I think that's what causes the freezing. Useful info: Debian Linux, SDL, Cal3D and other EL libs updated to the latest versions] Other 3D apps work fine GeForce FX2200 AMD Sempron 2800+ I hope this can help EL development and performance. If any further information/test is required I'd gladly do it. Krones
  9. New version of deathadder el bot

    ty Korrode I've done it in a way it can work well even if you run a guild where you want more than one guy to administrate the bot. I try to keep it light, easy to deploy and use Yep, it's C using SDL and SDL_Net, bkc56
  10. New version of deathadder el bot

    Hey guys DeathAdder EL bot is an open-source, free to use tradebot. It has some interesting features, you can check Oyster and Astronomy that are running this program. I hope you like it! Available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/deathadderelbot Both source and binaries If you have any problems, suggestions, critics or commentaries, feel free to e-mail me Krones
  11. Hosting?

    Heya! What system are you running? Linux or Windows? I've coded this bot :> Glad you've chosen it. You should have this libs in your include directory, inside an SDL folder. If you're on linux, install SDL-dev and SDL-net-dev packages. and insert the name of the bot inside the #defines before you compile it. I'm sry I couldn't make a more simple way for you to do it (didn't have the time to) maybe someone would suggest and give me a hand with it. Any more problems, I'm available at kronesr (at) hotmail.com. If you're having problems I can even compile it for you and mail you the binaries. Again, I'm happy you've chosen my program. Just mail me if you need anything, I think it's better than using EL forums. Krones
  12. Linux major performance reduction

    Spleenfeeder: Since it's only X that stops, redirect top's output to a file (top -b >>file). Don't forget the -b option. Erdie: After doing what I told Spleenfeeder, I could see that EL doesn't really use more of the CPU, but somehow makes the XWindows do it. Check this: CPU | MEM | NAME 12.0 4.1 Xorg 25.3 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin /////////////////////////////////////////////// 66.6 4.1 Xorg 18.3 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin //////////////////////////////////////////////// 37.3 4.1 Xorg 34.3 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin //////////////////////////////////////////////// 87.9 4.1 Xorg <-- Whoa! 2.0 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin /////////////////////////////////////////////// 80.6 4.1 Xorg 8.7 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin //////////////////////////////////////////////// 49.9 4.1 Xorg 31.6 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin /////////////////////////////////////////////// 8.0 4.1 Xorg <-- Same op, but EL in console mode 11.3 21.2 el.x86.linux.bin odd isn't it? Only happes with EL 1.5 Krones
  13. Linux major performance reduction

    Ent: I'm doing the same (putting the game in console mode), but I think the problem is not caused by an increase in the game's CPU consumption. Previous versions were much better, and there weren't significative 3D improvements from those versions (or at least, not to the point of cutting performance that much). Even if I set video options to the lowest, I still get those problems. And when playing the game it seems OK. If the game was eating up more CPU, the game itself would get slower, but what happens is that the game is not proporcionally slower to the downcut performance on Xwindows system. That's why I think it's more like a bug.
  14. Linux major performance reduction

    Spleenfeeder: maybe there is a CPU 100% spike and my tools aren't measuring it correctly, because the default intervals are too big. Probably. Console or map modes avoid the problem... and it's not the display driver. Very weird. It also happened that once or twice I had the whole X frozen completely. The apps would continue normaly, but I couldn't use the keyboard nor touch anything with the mouse, though it sill moved, displaying EL cursor. Very, very weird... but it has to do with this new update.
  15. Linux major performance reduction

    True, my CPU goes frying everytime I see TG castle entrance (although that's somewhat better since I changed my video card), but that happened in the previous versions as well. And the performance cut doesn't seem to be place related in game. Placid: good thinking! In console mode it doesn't slow down, or even in map mode (tab key). That helps, and works as a work around for the time. Thanks