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  1. Attributes cap for the main server

    This should be decided by a majority vote over a week. By then anyone who hasn't voted obviously didn't care enough to come and do so, even if it's only 1 vote either way that should be the one you go for. EDIT: I've always been hostile, never hidden the fact I don't like you or your attitude, as someone who runs a game I expected it to be more, I was sadly disappointed. You and I both know the things which you've done. That you choose to hide them merely convinces me further of my, and many others, viewpoint. However I try not to let this cloud my decisions on what would be good for the game, such as this. I agree with your idea and think it will benefit the game.
  2. Christmas Event

    Sounds fun but it may be hard to make people swap gifts if they like the one they have enough I'd come but work is much more fun... :/
  3. Restoration based on rationality

    Yes but you need many more offensive spells (edit: and spells in general) to make a real mage class, if these are coming so much the better.
  4. Attributes cap for the main server

    Aww, those that mean that you will leave if I make the changes? Why? I agreed with the changes. Learn to read before you try to make a smartass reply lol Oh dear.
  5. Attributes limit

    I can do quite a bit of damage to yeti (100-200) before running out of mana. (I had 69/69 22/32 a/d p/c last I tried one) So four people? sure it wouldnt be profitible, but you could kill it Btw, voted 50-60 limit. Would love to see other perks become more commen for fighting. ~kGn when first yeti came out 4 people (scarr + ohmygod + ulubatli + lorck) with 110a/d with 60s p/c tried to kill yeti and every 1 was visiting hell every few mins. It took lot of boost pots + healing and mirror to kill the yeti. (ohmygod had jagged saber rest of them had serps with leather armor cuz of the icy wheather:P) after a while the update for yeti came then i killed yetis with an average of 4-5 heals per yeti (little lag could have killed me which happened few times) i was 107/115/52/68. i had cutlass with steel/tit armor and col. yetis damage owns specially critical damage and i dont think you damaged the yeti with your sword...you only got luck with mirror cape (or you did harm/poisen but seriously i dont think you can touch yeti with that skills.) . Your def +phys is way to low to handle yeti im sure you got pwned. is it possible to set a limit on the attributes (in overall) so every one is not the same ex: 140 pp you can spend in attributes people can chose 140 phys Or 100/40 p/c ...40/60/20/20 p/c/v/w yes only reason people are going to try to kill them are for the drops (nmt cape) but the point was its going to veryyyyyyyyyy hard to kill them and the drop rate isnt that good. only strategy i can see is the mirror + harm + poisen and its going to take hours/very risky i saw video in youtube, 2 players killed a dragon only with harm/poisen/mirror. they didnt show what they got in the drop, but they sure wasted alot of money on diss rings/essences/pots/damage armor. so its not impossible but its going to be cost you alot (very high chance of dieing) Every played any other MMOs? People spend hours on a single raid to kill one boss. Boss has 0.01% chance of dropping a piece of armour. This piece of only 1/6 of an entire set. The best items are SUPPOSED to be very hard to get.
  6. Attributes cap for the main server

    I am happy to see that we have such an expert in MMOs here. Maybe we can hire you to design our game? What kind of salary and benefits package would you want? Quite often players have their fingers much more firmly on the pulse of a game than the designers, they are the ones who use and and play the game. It is much better to allow diversity, in many MMOs there are certain builds or classes which own all the others no matter what. This is exceedingly boring as eventually everyone makes one of these to be able to effectively compete. games like GuildWars (just an example not a plug -_-)on the other hand enable you to own using any class, it all depends on skill and your build, making EL like this will be much the better option (and yes I am an expert on MMOs, having played many, many of them and watched some die and others flourish. Never underestimate the players of your game.)
  7. Attributes cap for the main server

    It is pretty sad ent, if that's going to happen what's the point? Restore should heal based on Magic level, at the very least it should restore 75% of your overall HP rather than 100% Magic is still really lacking in EL, you cannot be a pure magic fighter, spells are simply not powerful enough, hopefully you got plans to fix this.
  8. Attributes cap for the main server

    Sounds like a plan then. Ima all for it.
  9. Corpus Opis

    LoL i still laugh everytime you say "mine", no idea why :/ been years since i saw you say it, cracks me up
  10. Attributes cap for the main server

    Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. ~Elbert Hubbard Think you might be getting close to that limit Wolfy Edit: typos [scarcasm]Oh thanks for that, I really value and appreciate your input[/scarcasm] Ontopic: I don't think a cap will really work on main server, even though I want one. Some people are simply too high a/d levels to be able to effectively train them with a cap (apart from pvp obviously, which would become much cheaper and easier). Perhaps some kind of cap based on a/d lvl? Too much effort to implement probably, hard to see a way around this :/
  11. Attributes limit

    You won't need to kill the high level monsters in large amounts anyway. Won't need them for exp, only reason would be for drops - you'd get better GC off other mobs anyway, since high lvl mobs will eat up ess/pots. The only reason you'd fight them would be to get their specific drops, so just organize guild outings or w/e
  12. Attributes cap for the main server

    Yes, its absolutely terrible that you cant hit people for ~60-80 damage anymore, and also that they will have enough mana to restore a few times after your Jagged saber of cooling has hit them, right? pking would lose the sence.all those n00bs like u would do 20+ restores and then run.why would i bother to pk when there is very small chance to kill some1 with almost unlimited restoring?and with 960 emu cant do stuff like alch or craft because it would take a long time to achieve something with such a low emu. 48 is just way toooooo low!!! Yeah it's much more fun to simply one hit most people, get no drops due to rosts and have the only reawrd being... a number on your kill counter! P.S. ent, lol @ u, why would I want to be informed of your opinion? I've had enough of that plxkkty I was just having a laugh at how predictable and obtuse you are, no need to post nasty pictures :'(
  13. Attributes cap for the main server

    Mule pets were mentioned on my blog, which is public, and the url was published a few times. And I missed your post on page 1, can you kindly provide an url? Why would I read your blog? zzzzzzzz lolx and I didn't say I posted, maybe saying "since" would have been better - obvious enough it was coming, you've done it so many times now, must be what only pr0 game designers do.
  14. Attributes cap for the main server

    Ohh, on page 1 I guessed If this didn't go well you would say: "Well since you voted against my idea there's something else which I didn't mention that you're also not going to get!" Pro. Voted yes - We managed at w/e the cap was before (16? can't remember)
  15. New Perk Idea

    Hm hi kajjak