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    Jen, EL, Drawing, Singing in my band, Jen, sex, and... Jen.
  1. Can we name our houses?

    Fuck censorship. :-D
  2. Just being a smartass, everyone is going to want their own metal with a prefix that has some esoteric meaning, ending with the same old "ite" or "anium".
  3. or or or or or or... poopinite. Its made out of your own poop, your diet determines its strength. IE if you eat a lot of veggies and corn, it'll be stronger...
  4. Or what if you can just type in the ammount you want? O.o;
  5. Creation of the Gods Mk II

    There are already gods implemented into the game and several versions of a story currently being wrote. Check the topic sativa sent you in your last thread for the most up to date descriptionof every god.
  6. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    I'll take some pics of moi kitteh if you really want to see.
  7. titanium shields

    There will probably be more options for equipment in the future like iron chain leggings, steel chain leggings, titanium chain leggings (or plate for the last three.. hint hint), iron brigadine boots, steel, titanium, steel helm, titanium helm as well as blessed/enchanted items. Hopefully there will be more equipment slots for individual items. IE paper doll?
  8. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    Not his fault, the fourth one is BS but the rest are true. He's been unlucky but I make up for it by taking good care of him. He can still run around, his favorite thing to drag inside are small birds and squirrels. One cuddly bitch too, 20 lbs, fluffy fur that averages two and a half inches all the way around and he's all black. Had him 9 years. Ummm... enough rambling about moi kitteh
  9. my iguana is [edit: not] dying

    I've had a few near death calls with my cat Gimpy. 1. When he was a kitten he had his foot bitten off by the neighbor's dog. 2. Brown recluse spider bite to his neck. 3. Medical accident when brought in for orthrapedic surgery on the leg that had the paw bitten off of. 4. Suicide attempt after getting his nuts cut. I luff moi kitty... hish name ish Gimpy.
  10. Music

    There aren't enough poll options to even cover the most commonly liked types of music, I'm so fucking smart. <3
  11. You can talk to people in the game, what are you talking about? Channels? Whispers? Speaking to those within view?
  12. The gods

    Yay, Entropy is using my ideas and names! (For the most part) =P
  13. The gods

    Back to being on topic, what was decided as far as the gods are concerned? I see that Entropy used two of my god's names, I've been away for the holiday and don't feel like rooting through the forums, could someone bring me up to speed about what is going on in this area? I'm baaaaaaack
  14. Music

    Sexism... that's probably it. I wasn't going to put blues, jazz, funk, mambo, blue grass, gospel etc. Hence "other"

    I could imagine the war... a whole bunch of whiffle bats and water ballons! "RANGERS SUCK!" "DIE SORD NUB!" "OMG PWN JOO!" "SUXXOR, RETREAT!"