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  1. Stuck in votd - Bug

    Hey Got hit by a tele on red toads today and ended up stuck and unable to move from a place where I think i should be able to move from. http://postimg.org/image/96e943olv/ Coords: You are in Valley of the Dwarves - Mynadar Woods [142,64] Tried restart but still same problem.
  2. Stuck in votd - Bug

    ok then I know that its an antibug perk then. In any other game this would have been considered a bug.
  3. Radu, Honestly I would like to see Andy as a ranger instead of another 120-140 fighter. Besides I am also bellow 120s and was hoping I can go as ranger too. We could both make life easier for fighters with our Elvens My proposition is 6-8 people team in which there will be 2 pure rangers. However it is up to you to decide who will be in the team. PS. Andy you liar, you are level 63! I think we all know that rangers will pwn the icy/bula. The problem is can high 130s survive long enough to tank them. IMHO no need to run an instance - I am max for this - 141 / 139 - I can 'survive' evrything but those 2 - simply get a few guys into kf and summon an icy and see how soon we die - same with a bula. I think it can be done at our lvls with some teamwork. When low on mana next can harm etc and you let it go around. What I think though is that it will take ages to complete+ the drops wont cover the costs. But one never know before trying, so if Radu says he wanna see it tested and if then not working he will implent 120-140 we should really do our best and test it out.
  4. I am 134/139 I can join in. I think its pretty much the same thing as saying 60-80 ppl could do the 80-100 instance if they were 6-8. Im pretty sure it will cost more to make it through the instance(if we even get the bula down<.<) than what you earn, but yes its worth a try. Just tell what time and I gladly help testing!
  5. Pk Event

    im in
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello! Ordering 10 k Tiger Lillies for 5k Thanks you Ingame name; Dannus
  7. Buying 3 will removals!

    Yea but she changed to 45 k yesterday but changed back this morning so have bought all now;)!
  8. Screenshot Thread

  9. True sight book auction

    SOLD to Kit_Gw for 20k
  10. ELG Alchemy Shop

    2k aes thanks:)
  11. Selling book tit short sword of ice!

    Sold to Ringil_oddsocks
  12. For me it seems like the motivation to go for invasions are a bit tiny among people nowadays. Like * why should I fight? I just break my armor.' etc. Was thinking if it would be a good idea to let the invasion creatures also drop rare stuff, if rare stuff is dropped more people will feel there is a ability of earning something. (I know tokens are ingame, but I believe there would be good with something more inspiring). It also seems like there is a lack of will to fight the invasion dragons. If those would have a very small chance of dropping some special armor/sword which is not manafactureable ingame it might be inspiring, something like a (artifact?). dunno word:P. Simply this is more connected to the pr0s in the game, I mean why should they kill a invasion dragon which does not have the chance to drop any rare items except scale if they can go for normal having chance for rare drops. (scales does not sell very much nowadays either, compared to the rate of breaking something against dragon its pretty low) Bad things with this; could provide to many drops simply making them unrare. To make this not happen the invasion creatures chance of rare drops could be slightly less. Invasions are fun but for me it would be more inspiring fightning a giant/yeti if I knew I had a chance of a rare drop and not just random amount of gc and some bones. (sry if something similar have been posted, written somewhere, tried to check) (Sry if you feel I messed with tokens that you believe should be tested more further before a post like this) /dannus
  13. How to make more people fight in invasions

    Roja, yes I know and also mentioned, and also said why i think there should be more than that, was just a suggestion. The majority is not the absolute most high lvled guys who earn on new spawns cause the majority does not chose creatures fitting them. What I said was there could be something more inspiring just a little short add more to make those real high lvls participate even more. Yeah I like the stones also, maybe there could be some kind of roll between those who attacked dragon, giving the one who inflicted most damage highest percentage of chance to get it. Which maybe means there should be different percentage earn for doing damage by magic/range and attack considering to whats hardest to do damage with compared to other. Not sure how to count mirror damage though.
  14. How to make more people fight in invasions

    Not a bad idea, but maybe wait to see whats planned first as you said:).
  15. How to make more people fight in invasions

    What I say is not that every creature should drop rare stuff, what I say is that they could for example have a chance for same rare drops as normal creatures, maybe in a lesser scale.
  16. Screenshot Thread

    He is pretty right ----->
  17. Start: 3 k Increase 500 gc BUy now 10k /dannus /ends this evning
  18. Auction: book of tit/steel short sword of ice!

  19. Selling 15k iron 3.2gc each

  20. training guide

    I think I try build for getting phsy 48/24-28 vitality. Tested a bit on test server and was able to train desert chim at 84/91 which I was then. Had taken a numeroues perks though lol:P. Was 48/48/12/8/16/20 when I tried them. Also both me and a friend tried using uni rather than moon medalion and it was rather like if the armor saved u more than the +4 defense. I am to head for 48 phsy anyway but think I will split up my instinct points more into vitality now after tested also good cause I does not use Will. And yes at 80 I was using steel armor and col. Now I train in the stuff u said but still with col and I will keep do that to get full use of my restore which I would not even with maxed phsy. And I never spent RL money of the game my next goal is to get 36/48/20/4/24/24 atm thought then I ncrease phsy and go desert chims.
  21. Buying stuff!

    Got all.
  22. Selling iron!

    Sold To Minddragon /dannus
  23. training guide

    With 16 instinct I have been able to train fluffs fairly since 80 defense. And yes I noticed a great difference and also I still don't hurt the fluffies so damn much as 48/48 P/C would do. I am pure fighter so put all my pps in other attributes to take up for the less phsy I have, soon getting 20 vitality also, will head for 24 to have a decent mana cause I dont go for Will. (If I dont restore full life I don't see a use of getting will to get +5 heal and +5 life, I instead put pps in Vitality and reasoning to get the healing + mana which I can since I don't reset all the time. And reasoning and Vitality give what will gives but still makes me a better fighter in a phsysical way. The phsy is still 32 thought and will keep it there a while. And if I sometime feel this does not work there are always stones by now:). I will probably go desert chims and by then I will increae the phsy, just cause I like when creatures can attack me. But yeah I gonna go test around a bit on test server no bad idea;)!
  24. training guide

    I can't say it does not work cause it obviously does;). Anyway I think the setup is still to old style, imo instinct is a underrated attribute. It is too concentrated on P/C and forgetting that at the low lvls u can put the pps in other attributes making up for the P/C but still doing less damage. (Depending on the perks yet taken ofcourse) In many cases I would also choose a bit higher vitality instead of Phsy, about 16/24 and vitality 16 worked nicely for me at female/male orc. If instinct is taken that is also a +. I go coord 48 atm at fluff/fero and have spent pps in instinct also. This saves me hes/srs/armor and therefor also the ability to stay longer at the spawn. However I use to train by map fleeing practising guitar meanwhile, on fluffs then. Getting only about 280-300 k / hour or less sometimes. To lazy to ts:). I tried feros seriously 1 hour to check and got 365 k / hour whith seriously bad astro -3/-3 and a really bad accuracy rate. In 6 pps spent I will have a better setup though and hope that would make me able to stay longer at feros also. Forgot saying I also get reasoning but try keeping instinct 4 -8 higher even if they atm are even. And also, one more thing that is important to me, reseting alot is very noob I consider so a plan should be made in good time to avoid. You will lose everytime you reset for your training later, for example those extra 10 instinct pps maybe should not be so bad to have at yetis etc. And whith attribute cap + removal stones it is now easier to avoid resetting.