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  1. In-existent Perk

    Cant get enough could be another name for the same perk (makes sense). Maybe it was the original name, but the perk got renamed and the wraith description of power saving stayed the same. I agree it should be changed
  2. Guess the movie

    Yup Your turn
  3. Guess the movie

  4. Guess the movie

    Here it is: Edit: changed image because of copyright
  5. Guess the movie

    Life of Brian?
  6. NPC pricings

    The problem is not the excess of gold coins in game, it is the excess of high level items, and many crafters, manuers... are so desperate trying to sell their items that buyers get it even cheaper than the ingredients cost. I support this idea, let the NPC's pay more for high level items, let armors and weapons break and you will see how buyers will pay for their items a reasonable price. However this should not be applied to low level items such as leather helms. If manufacture becomes profitable to level up, then everyone will be leveling up manufacture, and there will be a great demand of stones (higher price) and a great offer of armors/weapons, so the same problem will come up again.
  7. Elven bow.

    I like this idea Since elves are known for his healing abilities it would be nice if it heals you 1-2 HP for each arrow that hits the target, or maybe it could give fast regeneration perk
  8. New ranging perks

    Its 30% chance to not lose an arrow, so after 100 arrows fired you still have 30 arrows. After firing those 30 arrows you still have 9 arrows. After firing those 9 arrows you still have 3 arrows, and then you have 1 left... So you fire 100+30+9+3+1=143 arrows= 43% more arrows than you had in the beginning
  9. The Big Bag Race!

    Great contest! Unfortunately the second half is at 4:00 AM here and i won't be able to play Good luck everyone and thank you very much, keep up the good work
  10. Fleeing.

    if you make your character walk to some point and a monster attacks you in the way your character will try to flee and go to that point. If you dont want to flee simply click on the monster you are fighting
  11. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    Spain, of course
  12. Experience

    I didn't know that, i thought you just got bonus exp in skills. Thanks everyone
  13. Experience

    I have noticed that the sum of the experience in all my skills and my overall experience don't match Oa experience is around 170k exp higher. Any explanations?
  14. Your opinion on ranging.

    That triangle only works in runescape. Here it is Melee fighter beats Mage, Melee fighter beats ranger, Ranger and Mage die. Besides, it seems mage and ranger are the same thing. Even more, mage is better than ranger because mages do not miss, and do not need an expensive bow. I agree with Ateh, the only situation where ranging could be useful is to mana burn/cooldown/mana deplete fighters in PK, while an allie fighter fights them