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    Still searching for a pair of white boots...
  1. Selling manu potions

    If you supply the ingredients I will gladly make you any potion you would like. Just PM me in the game and we can talk it out.
  2. I'm a troll, apparently

    C'mon Yosh, don't confuse us with simple math...
  3. Drops from lower animals

    Don't you see the carcas lying on the ground? There is bound to be some leftover meat in there
  4. Summoning + Magic

    C'mon you have big bad bears following you around. That's cool enough
  5. Trade system

    Yea, potion trading is very slow
  6. Too many fails in Alchemy

    Work for that grey cape :wink:
  7. New Guild Command

    I think he means a command that shows you who is on the game in the guild you are in.
  8. New Chat command

    It sounds useful, but not really something that high on the priority list.
  9. Vials...

    Vials can be obtained from Harvy located in the Kamara Desert section of Desert Pines. He requests 5 quartz and 10 gp per vial, so purchase quartz from him and then use it to buy vials (I don't understand why he needs quartz if he has an unlimited supply, but oh well :lol: )
  10. New Guild Command

    I like this idea. Not huge on a priority list, but useful none the less.
  11. Event Suggestion

    We could call it the battle of WSC, a historic day.
  12. Still searching...Ent won't give me any clues where they are though :? One day...
  13. I wanna wear the fox scarf
  14. Better Staffs?

    Sounds good, but it creates an imbalance. With an item that takes up one slot that is as good as two items, of course everyone is going to go with the staff. I would make the staff weaker, that way there is still some variety (sword and shield or staff and other item)
  15. bitches~

    You've got some problems if numbers bother you...