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  1. Discount Prices

    Well buy em from him then you piece of anonymous shiat!!!
  2. Discount Prices

    I buy all titan bars...just hold em for me and ill get em when im on, thnx.
  3. Discount Prices

    You better buy em up, because you who worship Alluwen need a titan short sword for the new quest, so getem while there hot :lol:
  4. Magic imbalance 15-18

    Why not just do the Restoration potion on yourself instead of teleporting, it is so much faster. EDIT: USE SHIELD INSTEAD IT IS THE CHEAPEST AND FASTEST
  5. yay, i cant wait!!! Can you give us a hint on what else we will be able to make?
  6. ??????????????????

    press M,,,,,to see a map overveiw, its not that detailed tho.
  7. I just wish leather gloves were stackable, and/or more XP. A cape woould be nice too, and more items to be able to make...Chain armor, shields and so on. Or maybe the monster drop only item could be monster and manu only.
  8. LLAMATHISM!!!!!

    I know what a llamathist is. A llamathist means- SPAM all over the forums and chat
  9. all things

    Read other posts before you post. This has been brought up about 5 times already. The walking speed has already been improved, and if its too slow for you to walk around, use rings or get your magic up so you can teleport.
  10. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    why do you keep lowering the prices on stuff?? are you trying to set the prices low?
  11. Trade guilds

    How about everyone save their steel bars for me, that way when im lvl 48, I can crank out titan swords and we'll all get rich.......lol i dont really expect you to take this serioulsly.
  12. The gods

    I think it was fair, i mean, I think its good that you acutually do have to have money to do the quests. People should work on other skills, not just Fighting, therefore they will have enough money to buy the stuff or even make it them selves. Just my opinion, dont flame me, or you will suffer.......maybe.
  13. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    Well hell, i thought i was giving a deal, i mean they cost 120k in store....and i spent all that time working on manu, i figuered it was worth it, but oh well whatever.
  14. Buying All Steel bars

    Dont buy from him....I pay way more BS- 1100 Phsmule - 1200...maybe Lightning- 1500 Each...........best offer in town
  15. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    I sell Steel 2edgerz 60k if i supply materials 55k if you bring me bars
  16. misc manufacture bugs

    *Cries about 1 glove per second*
  17. Silver, Alchemy, and money

    Titan bars are where the real $$$ is. I can easily make 500k an hour, if i wanted to click a million times that is.
  18. Buying Steel Two Edged Sword

    im selling 1 to you, get ahold of me ingame
  19. Petition to change manu back

    I am sad about the change
  20. :twisted: I don't like that one bit!!! I think the idea of earning money and eventually buying a house with it is great, not fighting over them. And, claiming a piece of land already....thats just crazy. :twisted: p.s. this is not a flame, so shut up, and have a nice day
  21. Cool Screenshots

    Here are more cool shots!!!
  22. looking for 10k chainmail.

    :twisted: I wasn't flaming you, you idiot......now i am!!! :twisted:
  23. looking for 10k chainmail.

    :twisted: Why not just earn the money, like everyone else, and buy one for reg price??? :twisted: Oh yeah I want a Titanium Serpant sword.....20-30k please :lol: