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  1. I'm Back....One Problem Though

    Well, I finally have time to play again. I haven't played since 2004. I tried logging in but then I realized I could not figure out my old password. I tried everything. I have read that there is no way to get you old password back unless you pay. I have donated 55USD in the past, so maybe I can catch a break on that. Can anyone help me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm Back....One Problem Though

    Thank you very much!
  3. I'm Back....One Problem Though

    I guess whoever took the name Lightning hasnt played in 290 days, and is basically brand new. Maybe I can get that name back....
  4. I'm Back....One Problem Though

    Yeah, I just found out about that. Is there any way to reset my pass so I can use that charachter again?
  5. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    Can i get her phone#? She is a cutie, a i wanna hook up w/her. Tell her Lightning said hi, ok? To see JJK's hot sister, go to memberlist and click the like oppsite jjk's name. She's in the directory list somewhere.

    I sell titan shorts....pm me when im ingame
  7. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    Damn, sounds like Ent has the hots for nonda's chick....;p
  8. Item Spawns

    This has been talked about before, but it would really be cool to have item spawns at the forts. This way people would actually be in that map more often.
  9. Specialist stuff

    why would a summoner need a wand that has +4 att? He could just use a sword.....
  10. Player houses.

    LMFAO------1 mil for a player house........i think half the players could afford that. Try like.......20 mil, or even higher.......lmao 1 mil......
  11. I am buying all Raw Meat

    Ok I buy all raw meat, or i can trade for it... I will trade a Titanium Short Sword for anyone who brings me 500 raw meat.
  12. I am buying all Raw Meat

    I edited my original post...check it out.
  13. Who Needs Furs?

    I have over 400 brown rabbit fur, and 250 fox fur that I am willing to trade. Here is what ill trade em for: 1 rabbit fur = 2 meat 1 fox fur = 4 meat I also buy all meat and bones, and spirit rests, as well as steel and titan bars, and puma furs.
  14. Who Needs Furs?

    Nah im good on bones, i just need meat.
  15. Titanium Staff

    yeah a staff that makes u use less etheral points, that is what me and slay were pondering on. And maybe you can only buy it if you complete all a gods quest, like the titan chain.....i like the idea
  16. Ent, I can summon them. Also he is still not giving 10 bonus, I still get 9.
  17. Grandmother is fucked up

    thats because she wants 2 fur gloves, not 1
  18. monsters spawns

    yes , puma spawns would be nice, cuz i like to train on puma, and i can only find 1 about every hour, it sucks looking 4 them cuz they are hard to find.
  19. Suggestions for the gods.

    i like th 2nd idea, good one.
  20. Buying all fox furs 2k each

    I have over 250 fox furs ill sell you for that price.
  21. follow

    1) Rest....lol....yeah i get sooooo wore out clicking the mouse. 2) That would be cheating.
  22. What to you think the summoning skill is? It is the same exact thing. You summon a creature, it follows you, and attacks for you. So if you like the idea of taming, get your summoning up.
  23. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    Haha, I started this thread as a lil joke, didnt know there were so many lil horny bastars that play EL. Well jjk maybe you can at least post a newer pic of your sis, like in a bikini, so all these guys can be even more excited. ps take that pic of you outta herem you are not as pretty as you sister. ps Put a pic of ur mom up to.....in a bikini of course
  24. JJK, Your Sister Is HOT!!!

    you still look stoned, r u on drugs?
  25. Sylpho talking weird

    Why the crap are you telling everyone what the quests are??? Ur taking the fun out of it. EDIT: Thanks for removing it, I hate when people tell what they are.