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    volunteering...el of course!..b ball, hanging with friends, games , stuff
  1. AoE Recruiting

    Hey can i join ur guild?? hehe hey I LOVE fareightnhieght 9/11 i dont know how to spell tht
  2. life by zsert

    I remember it like it was yesterday, the sun shinning bright on me. i had been born on isla prima at the beam. my childhood was very boring so i'm gonna skip that part if its alright with you. so then i had turned 16 and i was a tall young man, i had brown hair and i was an elf. i remember i was wearing a black shirt and a white bottom, and i thought i looked deadly hadsome. so i set off on my journey to valley of the dwarfs, i had heard there was a special person who could hold everyones items and for some reason he never leaves that area. well i never questioned that strange fella i just asked him to hold my stuff. so i was on the boat to..., i think it was deep coral?? or dep coal?? no wait i remember it was white stone village...no wait i think it was a city, yeah i remember now it was a city. hey sorry if i cant remember things but this was in my young age, now i'm just a old elf who is mortal. so i arrived there, and i remember fondly a man just like me was at the docks looking for a guide to valley of the dwarfs. so i said "follow me" and i quickly asked his name. his name was menton, and i had asked him it was a funny name. he had told me "oh my parents are elfs but they live in a place called dwarf town.. its a long story" and he didnt tell me that story until later in our journey. so we walked to the next boat and they told us it wasnt a free ride, unlike the ride i had just gotten. so we looked at each other and we thought how are we gonna go if we dont have money. i sure wasnt looking towards being a butler, which was all they had at that city; since there were barely any new job openings. so we looked at the boat and we thought since it's so big we could just sneak on and catch a ride. and it was doable. more later bye
  3. Mynadar?

    lol dwarfs r funny really short...i'm a tall elf though, and i make cookies fer keebler LMAO!! hahaha :shock: uh oh
  4. my story of isla prima

    uuhh.. it lacks detail..and it rushes kinda cuz all of a sudden theres grass grwoing n stuff and no detail?? but i agree ur story is ok but it's like a paragraph if not less.. i'm afraid i'm gonna have to give it a 3 outta 10
  5. quest idea

    here goes nothing so theres this group called the twinlands k? n they capture portlands king and they're hanging him over a pit of hot lava. they demand that you must summon 1 deer 1 rabbit 1 wolf 1 gargoyle and 1 fox in half a day. then when the player summons it, it triggers a even where they say haha no we wont let him go so then you gotta go and find this band of npcs hiding out in the cave and they come and get slaughtered and then they say only one hting could kill us..and they give u a hint..but the thing is u cant wield the thing so u gotta find a person. so when ur done ur reward is 5 pickpoints 5000 exp.
  6. poll do u like my stories?

    hey thi sis just a p oll
  7. raides (monthly town raid)

    no what are u talking about elves dont ahve superhuman strength they gots agility and hopss man dwarfs get tired too i mean really watch lord of the rings tht lil dwarf gets tired. but does legolas?? nnoooo so who has the stamina now?? booya!!
  8. "greton": in eternal lands

    :shock: cont. As hosk and raymond walk down towards isle prima's dock they stop for a minute and hosk picks up a rabbit fur that was laying on the ground. "what is that?" asked raymond, as they walked further."oh my lad, it's a rabbit fur. Hunters they come they kill they leave and waste, so i like to pick em bak up.""oh" replies raymond. They get to the docks and each purchase a ticket and board the huge ship. The ship was brown and the length was about 500 feet. It was one of the biggest ships at the docks, the biggest one was like a huge floating island. Raymond and hosk find their rooms onboard."hey hosk i'm gonna go and catch the fresh air" "oh ok you go n do that but when they depart ya gotta come in, i'm a business man n all and i take these ships all teh time; n when they depart man the ship shakes vigoursly." warned hosk. So raymond goes out and comes back in, and their ship travels fast. In no time at all they're at white stone. "hurry lad, we cant miss the teleport to irvendale" "i thought this was the great city you were talking about" "oh non-sense were going to a place where no one but gnomes know about, it's called irvendale the teleport is just up ahead" "i dont even see...." before raymond could even finish they get swept up high into the sky, and no one seems to even notice that they are flying without any kind of contraption what so ever. and in no time at all they are in irvendale. "chirp chirp" hosk turns towards raymond and ask "lad i heard a chirp from your pocket? do you have a fairy of some sort?" "yeah" raymond replied while taking me out. "aaahhh" i said "oh my lad, this is a very rare male grenton" "thats my last name" said raymond "wat? it is? wow then your part of the legendary greton family who produce the greton fairies. When did you recieve this fairy?" "hey i can hear you ok" i said Hosk just kept on looking at me without saying a word, his mouth is open and he is barely drooling. "hey hey keep your drool to yourself i said" "oh yes lil one" replied hosk. and with that i had swept back down into raymonds bag. "he doesnt like bein outside in the open, he only stays in there or my pocket. He doesnt do anything much, i'm the only he talks to" said raymond. with the discovery of this new little fairy who knows what can happen in next times episode of "greton"
  9. "greton": in eternal lands

    cont. When he saw the white flash by he knew it must have been the fluffy white rabbit so he followed the trail of foot prints. As he went he we led to a dark cave, he laid down to scout the cave for any bears or goblins. All he saw was a fluffy white rabbit. "wait!"cried a voice urgently."do not go into the evil fluffy white rabbits lair" "what do you mean look at it, it's just a small fluffy and cute rabbit" "oh no, many a times that rabbit has taken a mans life" raymond thinking the man is crazy; and goes in with his dagger drawn. the white rabbits jumps towards him and catches his face clawing it. "aaaaahhhhh" raymond cried, as the rabbit cut his ears. "ara dul cam jul" spoke the man softly and the rabbit fell off of raymonds face and was blown into fire."i told you that rabbit was evil, but you did distract it long enough for me to kill that hellspawn, and for that i thank you. Here a token of my apprectiation" and with that word the man held out a long iron sword and chainmail."thank you mister" spoke raymond softly,"i-i-i" but the man was gone, he had vanished."oh LAD!" shouted a person. Then the gnome came running with a giant axe. "oh i heard you scream i thought he had you for real" the gnome says while looking at the dead evil rabbit."many a days has that rabbit given me many hard times" "hey how did you get that sword? i didnt see you with it and it's too big for your bag." raymond started to speak but was intrrupted by the gnome. "well lad never mind that, my name is hosk; dont tell me yours i already know raymond". "but how did you know my name?" asked raymond."hahah, it was on your bag and i swear it's on every piece of clothing your wearing too." " so now that you have a sword do you want to learn the art of fighting?" asked the gnome "sure" replied raymond "oh i cant teach you but lets go and head over to grahms village there a good friend of mine can teach you." "oh really? whats his name" "er its a she, and her name is reven. theres a person with a name close to that named raven if that is what your talkin about" "oh", and they go back to hosk's house to pack. "well we better get going" shouts hosk towards raymond, who is inside the house. Raymond comes running out and the two start a walk to the port where they can get a ride to mainland. to be cont. post up your comments plz
  10. "greton": in eternal lands

    note from the author* im bored so i'm starting on it again So raymond had set up camp got his little fire going and ate supper. His supper was a old elven soup, the color was brown and the texture was rough. His soup was called a klarhklai, it consisted of brown bark and some minerals straight from the ground. To a human the taste would have been unbearable to eat. So he finally went to bed under the tree. It had been no longer then thirty minutes later that he heard a crack. He was half awake when he rose his head to survery his surroundings. And he turned around and when he looked in back of him, he was eye to eye with a small gnome. The gnome was short and had a red hat on, he was wearing a suit and looked like he was a business man."vatt are you doing in my hoouse" grumbled the small stocky gnome. "and vatt are you doing in my yaard","oh me? i didnt think anyone lived here. The place looked uninhabited so i thought it was ok to sleep on this fair and soft ground." "bahh" the gnome grumbled "ook you can stay on me yardd, if you get rid of the fluffy and whiiite rabbit" "why do u want this rabbit dead?" asked raymond "do you want to sleep here toniight or whaat?" "yeah yeah i will kill it tomarrow" So raymond got back down and slept on the dwarfs yard. As the beautiful sun rose so did the gnome still fresh in his mind about the promise the boy made. "hey you, it's time to go rabbit hunting for you","yeah?? i'm going." and raymond started at a stumble with his dagger in search of the white fluffy rabbit. he was walking and walking when he saw something white flash by. to be cont.
  11. Legend: Ghost Story - Evil in the Forests...

    it's a pretty good story but eh.. LMAO JKJKJKJKJ i'm just kidding. i didnt read it lol hope u didnt take it personal
  12. "greton": in eternal lands

    hi this is my second story bout a character! hope u likey "Boom" the earth shook fiercely and rocked the small village located on isle prima. Trees were falling rocks were rolling the villagers screamed in fear. When the great earthquake finally stopped, there was but only one casualty. It was a female elf, she was one day short from giving birth. As the villagers investigated her body they realized the baby was still alive. It amazed everyone on isle prima, the rock had smashed his moms belly area; close to where he was. The villagers quickly found a new home for this little bundle of joy, the family who took him in were the gretons. They had named the boy Raymond. Now growing up was not easy for raymond, all the other children knew about how he almost died except for him. So when they wrestled they would always go easy on him, because they thought if they got rough they might accidentally kill him. "c'mon try harder then that robert" yelled raymond, who was on top holding down a little boy. The little boy was named robert, he was pretty short and he was stron, he had brown hair, bright blue eyes, and he was smart. "nah raymond i'm afraid i might get hurt" lied robert. "oh fine i know how paranoid you are about you and your bones" raymond said snotty as he walked away. Now raymond was kind of a brat in this age but he soon found out about the truth. "what??!! i'm adopted and you never told me!!" yelled raymond scared and shocked. His parents were good folk and didnt want to scar to him. But raymond overheard their conversation, his parents of course were elven and they were tall and beautiful people. They had blonde hair and his mom had blue eyes while his dad had green eyes, his dad was muscular and his mom agile. "we didnt want to hurt you raymond. we thought all for the best" Raymond was fed up with his parents and charged out of the house. "i'm never coming HOME!!" cried raymond; as his parents sighed. It was about time raymond left home, at his age he would have left a year ago since raymond is 14 now. Raymond started at a run into the forest with nothing but some leather armor and a small dagger. He quickly ran deep into the forest, where everything looked the same and there was no telling which way he'd been going. Raymond soon became scared, as he saw no way out of this maze of a forest. Night was beginning to fall so he decided to go and set up camp under a giant tree. Whether he had known someone was living there he might have not gone to that exact tree. to be cont. note from author* this story is gonna be like in episodes kk bye
  13. A Tale of Vermor Castle

    oh man that is a great story so far. you have nice and smooth writing lyanna i give this story two thumbs up yeeyah :lol: do u like mortos? :twisted:
  14. short story in eternal lands by zsert

    hey lyanna yeah i sort of did wander a lot away from the lil boy. i was tired cuz i was volunteering at la county hospital when i wrote the middle partrs of the story. it's not my best story far far far from that. but lemme make another story up. i'll make it up at home cuz the hospital i'm tired :shock: bye hobs aka zsert
  15. short story in eternal lands by zsert

    sorry about the last chapter being mostly italicized i dont know how to use the forum thingy ma bobber. yeah so i hope to hear from you lyanna and other people. i like typing its fun :shock: my god is my only god