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  1. What's your desktop?!?!

    ...You were looking at reviews of lava lamps?
  2. Eternal-Lands Save me in Real life

    I completely agree death, so many kids think that gang life is all glamorous and crap...I've had friends die from this shit, not a pretty sight at all. [EDIT] ALSO! Listen to Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique...It'll show you what it's truly like to be in a gang.
  3. Eternal-Lands Save me in Real life

    I'm in the Kelly Park compton crips...Naw, just kiddin, I'm a Compton Piru...No jokes...Even if I do live in VA.
  4. stuff you hate!

    No, the hick comment doesn't annoy me, I live in a town full of hicks and they piss me off, dragburn just generall pisses me off.
  5. stuff you hate!

    Oh god...I so wish the flames forum was back at times like these.
  6. what will do better this year?

    DS is superior in every way to SP or DS, except battery life. How long has the SP been out compared to the PSP? Exactly, why do you think it has more games? If PSP was released at the same time as SP, I'd guarantee it'd have more games than SP.
  7. The Real Console Poll

    I much prefer RPG's and sports games over any other genres, and PS2 has the best RPG's and all the sports games Xbox has are on all 3 consoles. Also, most games worth playing on Xbox are on PC, so no big loss for me.
  8. The Real Console Poll

    PS3 will win...Like PS always does, Playstation always has the best quality games IMO.
  9. World of Warcraft VS Eternal-Lands

    To all the people saying this game is better because it's free, if he doesn't mind paying, then it shouldn't factor into his decision. Also, it's pretty useless to poll this kind of question here since most of the people are pretty biased and shit their pants at the thought of playing another MMORPG (same thing for any other game forums...Watch, go to a guild wars forums and ask if GW or WoW is better). Back to the question, WoW is the much better game, better graphics, playability, actually has a storyline, etc. The only thing I think EL has better than WoW is the community, and to be honest, EL's community is starting to go to shit as well so that may not be for long. But as stated as before, EL is still in beta and it may get much better eventually, but for now, WoW is the much superior game. PLUS! Blizzard has yet to fail in any game yet, so this game is pretty much guaranteed to be active for a loooong time. Just my 2 cents (not worth as much due to inflation...) [EDIT] Oh! Many people have different tastes in games, if you rely on everyone else to choose everything for you, you may regret it later, choose which one you think is more fun. Simple as that.
  10. what will do better this year?

  11. National hot dog eating championship

    Not necassarily, he's pretty well known and wins every competition he enters...
  12. Stick-figure movie

    Napoleon Dynamite is classic.
  13. How did you all first found EL

    No idea how I found it.
  14. World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars

    The level limit is gonna be raised soon.
  15. World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars

    He's not asking for what's your favorite MMORPG, he's asking which of the 2 games he listed is better so he can actually spend money and buy one. THat's my point.