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  1. New charging for bots clarification.

    I am very happy with the guard bots being one time fees and the store bots being taxed. I understand the bandwith and the population explosion of bots and agree and have no problem paying the tax for the store bots, it just makes sense. And yes EL is a work in progress so we must all understand the need for some flexability. I appreciate both sides and hope all are as happy with this solution as I am. Very Respectfully ~Tamara
  2. New charging for bots clarification.

    Ok, now we are one extreme to the other. Life is not black or white and shades of grey exist as does compromise and understanding from both sides. I feel my idea was valid. If a person has a trade/sell bot that makes money and interacts with the general EL public, IE all players of EL are welcomed and hopefully interact with it and the owners make money from the EL community off of the bots existance, then we pay a service charge. That is fair because the bots are actively bringing in revenue and posting on channels etc. The guard bots do give a benefit by guarding, but would not be needed if the only people allowed on the guild maps were guild members or whitelisted friends. Since the game cannot distinguish between "the good guys and the bad guys" then the guards are needed. I honestly think one should come with the guild map, but that is another story. Anyway the bots do not interact with everyone, they do not generate revenue for the owner or guild, they do not give an ongoing benefit that causes a gain (I dont mean gain by making sure the private map is kept private) therefore they should only be a one time payment. You all have got to be able to see my point, it is not bots or no bots or payments or no payments. It is income or no income. Just like real life. The ones that make money get charged. I am not saying the other ones are not needed, they are. I hope you take my idea into consideration. I dont have a problem with paying for something that brings in revenue, and if this new rule is because bots are popping up all over EL and it slows down the bot population growth then I can see it. The bot owners that make money can always convert ingame items into RL cash via Learner. And if we have a whole year to make it into only 20 USD then it is not much of a hardship at all. Now I probably have both sides yelling and calling me names, ah well Frankly bottom line, the maps are paid and it would hurt if they poofed, it would take away the benefit they give. If the trade bots poofed then we still have all the gold and all the things they bought for us. OOpss getting too long winded, stoping now, but I hope you all get the drift. V/R ~Sandcastle
  3. New charging for bots clarification.

    Sirs, Guard Bots on guild maps do not make money for anyone or enter normal EL community interactions. They do not go into the market channel or announce over any open channels. They are not part of the EL economy and are simply what they are --guards. I can understand the trade/buy/sell bots being taxed but I dont think it is reasonable to have bots taxed that are paid for, put on a private guild map, and do not generate revenue. Therefore although they are not what would be considered "Full" community support bots, they are also not money generators or bots that interact with the normal routine EL community. So saying I think all fully blessed guard bots should be exempt. The other bots that generate money for their owners, IE in my case Quartermaster, I dont have an issue with since he is making me EL coin and interacting with the EL community and commerce as a store in full view of all. In other words I put him out in the open for the general community to use. That being said I will head off the dot-your-I-and-cross-your-t-nitpick-it-to-death-over-a-small-insignifigant-detail-posters by saying Yes they do fight intruders that do not take the warning. But the guild map intruders are unwelcomed and unsolisted visiters that the bots are there to keep away from our private map that 200.00 was spent and 200.00 more to KEEP PRIVATE. They are not there to welcome visiters and generate income for anyone therefore they do not make money to pay taxes from and are NOT a part of the flow of usual EL life. V/R ~Sandcastle
  4. The Great Silver Rush

    I would love to join in. It will be loads of fun. As for where he got it, it is just call Stuborn-Daxon-set-a-goal-and-do-it-Paul Bunion style. Miss you ~*Hugs*~ Sandcastle
  5. Building and maintenance fee

    I agree that the warning time needs to be longer. Especially since alot of us now are on C2 mining and mixing things and we Really enjoy and want to be able to join in. That means we need time to stop, put our things in storage, suit up and get over to VOTD. I see VOTD rings as being in high demand soon but we still need time to stop our work and get ready. 7 mins would be super for most, Since I am female 9 or 10 might be better so I can suit up and do my makeup so I look nice for the invasion. J/K. Also, just a thought (No I am not blond) Maybe pay the NPC with gold ore? It is right there by the NPC and if high levels are needed even the lower level guys can help contribute by mining or hauling like us running like a bucket brigade. Working together to mine and haul the ore. It is heavy enough that there is still alot of effort needed and with the bucket brigade team work is mandatory and fun. ~Sandcastle
  6. Bone of death

    It is a shame that you class all of JusT wrongly, that would be like us classing all of your guild by your actions. I dont lie, alot of JusT are good people and do not lie. 1/2 the people you have issues with are not even in JusT anymore so your bitterness is misplaced. I hope you can see grudges are counterproductive. But then in any game we need fighters as well as peacefully players to make it well rounded. Enjoy, that is the bottom line. ~Sandcastle
  7. grayseraph and emathy's marriage

    The Antiroot's computer server crashed, he sent me this email via phone and asked me to get ahold of you and let you know it may not be back up in time. ~Sandcastle Logged the faullt with onetel its being looked into. Hope ifs fixed soon, but they are stumped atm and have escalated it. Anti {emailing from the phone) btw can you check el forums to see who I was meant to be marrying tonight, and warn em they may need a new priest... -- Message sent by the Amstrad E3 e-mailer
  8. Website store question

    Just have him put the cape in storage before hunting, or have a friend mine beside him or ask the person sitting next to him to watch his back if he dies. I find if you have struck up a converstation with them before and they are nice, or if they have a guild tag with a good rep and you ask them to watch your back then you are pretty well taken care of. Most EL people are more then happy to help ~Sandcastle
  9. New Potion Ingredients/Requirements

    Potions experience 500 WOOT! Of course we will do them. The fighters will love to have them and the binding stones are there for everyones use. Most of us probably already have the nexus also. If not I would bet due to other magic nexus needs to restore and teleport that the players are only one pick pt away. It is not a waste. Now if I could just find more binding stones. ~crosses fingers and hopes for that special day~ ~Sandcastle
  10. Raw Meat for sale by Taverns

    Wow, I did not know this had been debated, I am sorry. I thought it was a pretty good idea, and I am certainly not lazy in any way. As I said above, back to boars for me. Go ahead and delete this thread. ~Sandcastle
  11. Raw meat ingame is becoming very scarce and costly to come by since both summoners use it and potioners use it in feasting pots, and feasting pots with the cooldown are the best way to mix or manufacture. Since the taverns buy it ingame I am wondering if it is possible to have the taverns sell it as well. It is not a matter of cost since ingame it is going for 5gold ( and if you take into account the vial, wine and meat cost it is almost cheaper to buy the feasting potions from Mira) but as a potions maker I enjoy mixing my own. I know some of us would say raw meat spoils and is that is why only cooked meat, bread, fruit and veggies are at the Taverns, but they spoil also. Maybe Taverns should only get shipments on certain days, but that seems to me harder to impliment then selling it all the time. If all else fails is it possible to tweek the receipe for feasting pots to use something that is hard to come by but not nearly impossible with so much competition. Maybe something we can harvest but is still fairly rare or hard to get like tit ore or diamonds or rubies. (I know that is not a food item, but I want you to know I am not asking for it to be made easy, simply not quite so hard) Just a suggestion, not a whine, I will keep chasing boars happily if the answer is no. Very Respectfully ~Sandcastle
  12. A small server update tomorrow.

    In the past EL gave us afew days with the new item to see if we could come up with the formula by ourselves using logic, trial and error. Most reciepes can be found by looking at what other things take, and it was fun and exciting and frustrating trying to be the first to come up with things. I think most enjoy the race of being the first to have the knowledge. ~Sandcastle
  13. Congratulations to Sandcastle and Burrnout

    I want to say thank you to all those that attended and to all the helpers that got us to the Magic School garden. Please post any screenshots you took, I would love to print some. I am not sure I even got to see all that came. Of course screen shots AFTER Burnout decided to show up would be super. Happily ~Sandcastle
  14. Invitation

    Thank you LadyWolf LOL I am still messing up the darn time zones, after all these years ~Sandcastle
  15. Invitation

    3pm pacific time, 7pm in the UK I am -8 GMT (Just learned that this week) Hope to see you all there, if you cant just wish us luck and happiness ~Sandcastle